Brit/Ire BJS and Kugan 30 Min Interview

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Aug 13, 2017
Imagine that, he's trying to sleep the night of the Lemieux fight and he asks his son "what would you do if I got knocked out?" and he replies
with a straight face
"I wouldn't love you know more", that cracked me up haha.
Jan 8, 2015
he doesn't even really drink or do drugs (in reference to his one year party), he just couldn't keep away from fried food a couple of years ago
Jan 8, 2015
They met in a pub a few doors down from me. I completely get why he had to leave for Sheffield- he just spent days around here in the pub, cafe and betting shop. He's actually switched on when you speak to him
Apr 24, 2017
cheers for that! Really good, he's great at telling a story! Enjoyed that. Seen him and Kugan do plenty of interviews on IFL but didn't expect him to be so good talking in front of a crowd! Very entertaining and he comes across really well! Very intelligent boxing wise and appears know exactly what he's doing outside of the ring! Liked the story of when Frank came to see him in the pub to talk him out of retiring! ha ha Looking forward to the next 18 months or so of his career! Martin Murray will be a good fight and then hopefully a big one vs GGG! Or even move up if he can't get that fight to face De Gale, Groves etc
Oct 24, 2014
North of the world
Youve got to feel sorry for Kugan.

After slight criticism recently of his interviewing technique he steps up his game and does a live interview during an audience night with Billy Joe.

Only to be mugged off royally by the bloke at the end shouting "just one more question please Kugan":lol:

I mean joking aside you dont do that to the host,you perhaps have someone on the front row quietly signalling to wrap it up but to stand up like that mid flow and make the guy look a cunt.You might aswell just say "come on now kug everyone is bored as fuck!