Black Lives Matter...

BLM: Good or Bad?

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R.I.P. Joe Rein
May 24, 2013
That is a fact my friend Lenny Henry is a CUNT, There is no denying he is a cunt he is a cunt's cunt...cunt.
Uses every single opportunity to pull for the blacks, has done for 20 years. Vic Reeves didn't tell us for 20 years that he was white and shit upon by a shit government etc.
Dec 7, 2016
I wouldn't say the moment has turned into black lives better but it is about black lives are more sacred than anyone else. Twice as many whites are killed by cops and nobody could even name them. Its black lives are all that matter now. It needs serious push back. One push coming out of this is people should not call the police on black people. This has been brewing for while. People combine two hoaxes to push for this. One hoax is that there is a huge problem of people calling 911 on black people for no reason at all ( I had to educate Steve on a couple of cases recently ) and the other hoax is that cops are gunning down black people all over the place for basically no reason at all. So they push the theory that if you call the cops on a black person there is a good change they are going to get killed. Bullshit at its finest.

Did anyone notice that the Kansas State football team is refusing to practice or play until a white kid is kicked out of school who made a joke about George Floyd? So now blacks are so sacred that nobody can make a joke about one who was killed. I bet you a ton of money that if Brock Turner was killed by a cop nobody would get in trouble or kicked out of school, or even care if they made a joke about him. Black lives are sacred about all others is what the name of the movement should be.
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Jun 5, 2013
Terry Crews getting it from the left-wingers on Twitter for staying something that he felt should be said.

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