Boxing Fatigue: How Much Are You Suffering from It Right Now?

Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
As much as I'd like to say otherwise, boxing had a really poor showing over the weekend. You had an abundance of mismatches on Top Rank's Loma-Crolla bill, the 'biggest women's fight of all time' ended up being a one-sided drubbing, Quillin-Truax finished before it even began due to a bad cut... Then in arguably the best fight of the weekend, Hogan was on the end of a bad decision against Munguia.

And it's not like this has been a one-off. Whether they've already happened or are scheduled in the near future, many of the sport's biggest fighters are/were in uninspiring match-ups this year. The heavyweight division has a clear top three, and they're not fighting each other. Loma just beat Crolla and could be facing Campbell next. Usyk's heavyweight debut is all too safe. Golovkin's in with a soft touch. And so on, and so on... We thankfully have Srisaket-Estrada II and Canelo-Jacobs coming up soon, but it's not enough.

When it comes to domestic boxing, it is also struggling. Warren and Hearn are having trouble even putting on one UK show a month. And while MTK are filling the gap really well, they are finding it hard to get people interested in their events.

So with all that said, how much are you suffering from boxing fatigue at the moment?


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Jun 11, 2014
Round and about
It feels more and more like a cosy little gentleman's club of promoters, media organisations and favoured boxers are rinsing the fans. Like football it's lost its soul to big business. I'm sure for many it's not a problem but it is for me.
May 19, 2013
It feels more and more like a cosy little gentleman's club of promoters, media organisations and favoured boxers are rinsing the fans. Like football it's lost its soul to big business. I'm sure for many it's not a problem but it is for me.
The difference with football is, even if you think it's lost its soul, you still get to see the best play the best.

Boxing is like if Manchester City avoided playing Liverpool, Tottenham and played twice a year against Birmingham City and Bolton instead.
Aug 13, 2017
Its been a really really bad start to the year hasn't it? Canelo-Fielding/Spence-Garcia/Pac-Broner were fights where we knew the result beyond any doubt before the first bell as well as the ones mentioned, with 2 of them PPV in the US.

I'm trying to stay positive as we've got some good fights coming up in the wbss, there's not a poster on here who isn't excited about the Taylor-Baranchyk card. Then as you say Canelo-Jacobs is one of the best fights in boxing that can be made and Srisaket-Estrada II has got FOTY written all over it. I'm really looking forward to Warrington-Galahad too as I think its a closer fight than some think and finally want to see how good Galahad is.

If we don't get many big fights in the final third of the year it will be a terrible year all in all.
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Aug 4, 2012
I still watch but most weekends this year so far have been dire mismatches or a terrible score cards, don't get me started on the never ending case of top fighters not agreeing terms with each other and instead we get underwhelming replacement fights instead.

P4P annoys me as well, its nonsense. Only thing that should matter is being the number 1 in your division. Looking forward to the Khan Crawford fight, Khan's defence and punch resistance is at an all time low so should be entertaining in a car crash kind of way.
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Aug 28, 2014
Yes and compared to the UFC card that was just on made all the fights of the weekend seem shit, another mismatch next weekend but at least Khan will make it exciting, I wouldnt be suprised if it ended very early same for Joshua vs Miller
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Jun 5, 2013
To be honest I don’t really watch boxing anymore and it’s due to a few reasons. 1) The fighters aren’t active enough anymore. 2) The one or two fights per year they have are minimum risk fights. 3) There’s no interesting characters anymore.

Last year I was starting to fall back in love with the sport after a few years of barely watching but this year has been awful so far, arguably one of the worst I can remember in the last 20 years or so. Even with Canelo vs Jacobs we know that Jacobs needs a KO to get a draw.

One of the reasons imo is the amount of money floating around in America. The networks over there are so desperate to tie fighters to their broadcast that they’re offering huge money to them for shot fights - Canelo/Fielding, Spence/Garcia, Fury/Schwartz etc. If fighters are being paid huge money for a guaranteed win then why are they going to take a bit more for a fight they could lose, knowing that if they do lose they won’t get huge money for an easy one next time? They’ll wait for these ridiculous purses to dry out and then take the big one as that’s the only way they’ll get the same money in 12-18 months.

People act like the money coming into the sport is great news. It is for fighters, but it’s not for fans who want to see the big fights.
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Jul 6, 2012
the multiple broadcasters situation in the uk and the us has fucked everything. i said multiple times while people were moaning on here that the last 5 years was a high point for uk boxing. now with fighters spread across itv/bt/sky combined with a load of retirements and its boring as fuck. also fighters like cheesman and ritson are being rushed way too fast as they need main event and ppv stars.

now we have a similar situation in the us with the heavies.
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May 16, 2013
Norfolk, England
Unfortunately the sport seems to move at a snails pace, too many PPVs without the quality to back it up, bad scorecards continue to spoil fights. Fighters not being active enough, list goes on. I think what really compounds this is the heavyweight situation, the epitome of what's wrong with boxing, 3 different networks with 3 different promoters and little to no effort to make the fight happen. If this was UFC the fights would be made and they would be happening two months down the line. Once the fights get made we will probably have to wait 6 months for the fighters to hit the ring. I get fights have to be promoted but for the most part you are either going to buy it or you're going to pass on it before the press tour even hits the road.
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Jun 4, 2012
The good fights are just too few and far between.

May 5th and September (Mexican Ind Day) you can usually guarantee a good, big fight. There probably will be a good one in April and one in December too. This year has been shit. To make matters worse the WBSS seems to have totally run out of steam too.

So to sum up:

  • 200+ best we can hope for is Joshua vs Usyk/Whyte
  • 200 hopefully the WBSS can see the tourney through
  • 175 do any unifications look likely? No.
  • 168 Callum Smith vs Ramirez is wishful thinking.
  • 160 DAZN will match them up so good here.
  • 154 Hurd in another unification? Maybe
  • 147 Pacquaio-Thurman, Spence-Porter is good but Spence vs Thurman/Crawford is what we want.
  • 140 WBSS hopefully
  • 135 Loma-Garcia ain’t happening
  • 130 Gervonta against Gamboa, FFS
  • 126 Reckon we’ll see some good fights here
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Jun 14, 2012
My interest in the sport goes up and down. I love it and always will but I don't make a point to try and watch all the fights. I'll look up results and shit but fucked if I'm going to watch some random German card on Boxnation. All these tv deals and different platforms are a fucking cancer to the sport. If there was some way to mandate fight by fight deals the sport would be much healthier.

Imagine City and Liverpool not being able to play against each other because one played on Sky and the other on BT. For a sport to thrive the best need to go against the best. While these big money exclusive deals are great for the fighters they do nothing but hamper the sport and give fighters excuses not to fight each other.
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Jul 29, 2012
Unfortunately, this was always going to happen. I remember a few years back when the Hearn/Warren debates were all over the place and people argued against a monopoly but this is the reality, a state where there's a lot of money to be made in boxing so you have too many people trying to get their slice of the pie and unfortunately, the people who lose out are the fans. If promoters and networks would work together, it wouldn't be an issue, but this cyclical pattern is inevitable. Boxing will slump in ratings because fights aren't being made, people will pull out, one dominant promoter will sign the majority of talent and start putting on good shows, then promoters and networks will see the money that can be made and take the talent to their network. That doesn't create more opportunities, it limits it as a fan because the sport in this country isn't big enough for two or three major players.

The best example of that is the mess at heavyweight. all three should be fighting and yet because there's money to be made, they've gone in three different directions and any unification fights are very difficult to make. If there was one dominant platform in America, it'd be much less likely to be the case, because Joshua and Fury could fight on Showtime but now they won't because you've got DAZN and Arum's interests in the mix.

Boxing would be a much better sport if every nation had one dominant promoter. One in Germany, Mexico, Britain, America etc. all with a strong TV deal nationally but without any interference internationally. Sadly, there's too much money for that to be the case so we all lose out.
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Oct 27, 2016
It seems to have got so fragmented you are happy or should I say surprised to see anything resembling even a 60-40 fight on any platform.

PPV fights that are 90-10 and people buy them and we wonder why fighters are protected more so by the promoters who of course will see their fighters take the path of least resistance.
Jun 4, 2013
By the way, DAZN has been really fucking poor. I'm not fatigued with it. It's just been disappointing these past 3 weeks or so. We've had a week with no boxing and 2 straight weeks of poor, mismatched boxing. Overall, this year has been pretty poor.
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May 8, 2016
There was a time a couple if decades ago I watched any boxing match...followed all the fighters from journeymen in Nobby Nobbs stable to British. European and World level.

I hardly ever watch a full fight these days...just catch the fight highlights the following day.

Last time I saw a full match was Caleb Truax win over Degale.

Okay I did watch Khan vs Greco that only lasted..50 odd seconds. Had more to do with Greco creating that hype in the pre-fight press conference...thought Greco might cause an upset did not want to miss the occasion.

It seems laughable now..that i though Phil Lo Greco might cause on upset.
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Aug 13, 2017
By the way, DAZN has been really fucking poor. I'm not fatigued with it. It's just been disappointing these past 3 weeks or so. We've had a week with no boxing and 2 straight weeks of poor, mismatched boxing. Overall, this year has been pretty poor.
What I would say for DAZN is that they have tried to make great fights. They've offered Davis great money to fight Farmer and an insane amount of money to Wilder to fight AJ, had BJS not got caught on PED's and fought Andrade that'd be 3 really good fights we would've had. Haymon clearly has done everything he can to stop DAZN and I don't blame him as they are a big threat, he's charged you guys something like $160 for 2 mismatch PPV's (Pac-Broner and Spence-Mikey) while for $100 you can get DAZN for a year and watch all Canelo, AJ, GGG's fights and everything else they have.

It was always going to take time for them to build a stable but I'd give them a year before judging them, mate.
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Jun 6, 2013
Yeah I am its fucking boring n shit at times. When it's great its unreal.

Just say I tape UFC and boxing card from America that are both on at 3am or what ever. I can watch the UFC card and it can be watched in 90 minutes cos the finishes in it and it really is exciting with great stylistic match ups. WIth boxing you can probs get 4 fights which go 12 rounds and are mismatches which could take 4 hours zzzzz
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Jun 7, 2012
I can see why ufc is so appealing to people now. I’ve never followed it like I do boxing but I’ve been really enjoying it lately, there’s actually debates to be had about the outcomes, always competitive fights, you check the odds and they’re always fairly tight, where as with boxing there’s really not much for people to discuss because the outcomes are nearly set in stone. First match up on skybet was 1/100 and that sums it up. It’s gotten so boring that we’ve all started focusing on promoters and how much fighters are getting paid.
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