Boxing question

Jun 7, 2013
Strange question when Boxrec exists.

Hopkins: 21 successful defenses
GGG: 19 successful defesnes, 1 draw
Oh I am aware of boxrec for sure and it is cloudy as mud.

Re GGG: There's the "interm champ" thing with GGG and Nenez, not sure to count that or not as winning a world title.
-Doesn't seem to be any world title lineage for Nunez or anyone in any of the opponents to fall back on
-No "for vacant title" notation anywhere...

Re Hopkins:
-I was not sure to count NC with Robert Allen as a successful defense or not.
-Evidently you did count the NC as a successful defense and still counted wrong, you over-counted.
(you said 21, actually it's 20 counting the Allen NC)
-Strange mistake to make for you to make since you were looking right at Boxrec.
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