Boxing returns to BT July 10th

Jul 14, 2015
Anthony Cacace v Leon Woodstock

Lerrone Richards v Umar Sadiq

Brad Foster v James Beech Jr

All three fights are for the British title.

Good show considering the climate.
Great fights,, but a closer look and they are really mismatches.

Richards will win a 12 round borefest, Sadiq has Isaac Chamberlain levels of delusion about his ability.

Woodstock only chance is a miracle punch and does he hit harder than Sam Bowen?
Apr 27, 2019
Brilliant news. Good domestic fights, really looking forward to Cacace v Woodstock. Pleased Frank is first one to bat, while Eddie has been trimming his hedges Queensbury have been making moves. Mind you some state of some of Frank's cards over the past couple years I thought he had already done some behind closed doors shows etc etc.
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