Boxnation with another card this weekend - Sun 10th Feb - RBR!!!

May 15, 2017
Mr. Ward handled the analysis over here on ESPN. IMHO he is at this point the finest analyst in the sport. No knock on Andy C. Thoroughly prepared & knows the backgrounds, strengths, & weaknesses of the combatants. The polar opposite of Carl Froch, who phones in his abysmal commentary. While I was always a fan of Froch & believe that he always diligently prepared as a fighter, I couldn't help comparing the contrast in the booth & thinking that the difference when the two men fought might have been due to Froch's inability or unwillingness to equal the competitive drive & 200% effort that seem an integral part of Ward's makeup.

My old man, a massive boxing fan who inculcated me into the sport as soon as I was able to talk, departed this world around the time that Ward entered it. His favorite saying was "Do your best." He would've loved Ward.