Broken finger

Aug 10, 2017
Hi all need some advice.

Have an amateur fight at the end of September penned in.

I'd literally just started full training when last week, I broke my left index finger, it's a stable fracture, but it's very swollen and painful. The people at the hospital were very busy and so simply tied my two fingers together and sent me on my way.

I'm really not sure
1. How long I have to have my fingers tied together
2. What sort of training I can do
3. How long it's going to be until I can return to full training.

I have the option to postpone until December...but that's not ideal.

Any advice would be great. This is my first broken bone so I'm lost.
Jun 2, 2012
You can still work on cardio with your runs etc.

If you cannot skip look at using Pylometric exercises to keep feet sharp (hurdles/ladders). Some running on the spot and phantom skipping foot patterns to keep ticking over.

You can still do bodyweight squats, lunges etc.

Now onto the Boxing.

Footwork exercises can still be done such as in and outs, pivots, L steps etc.

Shadowboxing can still be done in some capacity with emphasis on defensive techniques.

You can still work on the bag using your right hand. Working feints etc and landing your right hand.

Take this time to improve your skillset whilst ticking over.

I don't know how long it takes to heal etc but it's not ideal but you can work around it and see how things pan out nearer to September.