Casual Training Meal Plan

Oct 7, 2019
Northern Ireland
Just wondering if you follow meal plans during the week? I made the transition from solely distance running to including boxing in the last 12 months. I'm fairly slender for my height - 196cm and 14 ish stone. During marathon season I was 12.10-13.1. I was 14.2 when I did White Collar boxing, but dropped back down to 13 for a half marathon (1h:41). I was 12 flat at my lightest, but my immune system took a beating and crashed out of Dublin Marathon at mile 19. Managed Belfast in under 4h at 13 stone.

So, I box once or twice a week at the club - gym routine of a 22 minute 5k, 10 minutes skipping and 3 rounds on the heavy bag with one shadow boxing. If I have the time (more often than not) I would usually fit a 10-15km run in at the weekend too.

I've been vegan for 9 years. I was 18 stone as a vegetarian and dropped bad dietary habits. I'm struggling with getting my abs and reckon it's largely to do with my carbs. Boxing has helped have bigger shoulders, pecs etc. Even my medium distance running has improved, despite being heavier. I do seem to be carrying water weight.

An average day is = Porridge for breakfast, black coffee in the office, tofu wrap lunch and a chickpea, tofu/soya mince and rice curry for dinner. There's the occasional snack and soft drink, but this would be once or twice a week. I usually have a cheat day on Sunday.

I guess it's just whether anyone who boxes more often has experience with macros and nutrition?

If I go twice a week to the boxing club, I definitely have to up my calorie intake. I just want to do it in a way that I'm getting the right nutrients and not carrying large amounts of water weight.
My current diet

3 eggs scrambled
Blend 250ml milk, 60g whey, 96g oats, 20g peanut butter, 5g creatine, banana
Multi vitamin
Fish oil
Lions mane

30g nuts

Pre workout
Red bull
30g whey

Post workout
60g whey

Something with protein
Greens + veg

Veg + greens

Lots of water all day