Cecilia Braekhus (Undisputed WW) vs. Katie Taylor (Undisputed LW)

Braekhus vs. Taylor Winner and How?

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The Greatest
May 17, 2013
This ain't gonna be Canelo vs Kovalev. Hope Katie stays in her weight class.
Sep 22, 2014
It’ll depend how Brækhus wants to fight her?

The blueprint to beat Taylor is there (let’s face it, Persoon already beat her!). She so used to controlling the tempo and having opponents respect her skills, but if you just pressure her, she stands still at the end of combos and will always get caught.

She doesn’t seem to have an exit strategy after she’s engaged. Persoon caught her so often after Taylor had finished punching.

If Brækhus uses that game plan and goes with 2nd and 3rd phases, she’ll be able out hustle Taylor, especially given the natural size difference.
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