Charles Martin (27-2-1) vs. Gerald Washington (20-3-1) - February 22nd 2020

Martin vs. Washington Winner and How?

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Apr 19, 2014
Martin actually has a solid chin, decent work rate and a good punch, Washington fulls apart in the second half I think Martin stops him mid to late rounds
It's Martins fight to lose really, Washington tends to fold under pressure but he can be tricky if you step off and let him dictate the pace, Martin has lapses in concentration but has the tools to win
Jun 4, 2013
Martin seems to have come back down to earth a bit with that AJ loss. Dude surprised the hell out of me against Kownacki. Perfect fight for both fighters, btw. Washington killed it against Helenius, but the guy needs to be matched specifically in order to win. This might be another case, but it's hard as fuck to predict. I hope Washington wins, but I think Martin is the better fighter, whatever that means. :lol:
May 25, 2013
Washington looks the part, big, in shape, solid enough basics, but he doesn't have a good chin, he doesn't have a big punch and if you walk him down he has no real boxing skills to actually keep his opponent off him as he moves so poorly.

Martin for all his flaws can take a decent shot and can punch a bit. He should win this fight without too much difficulty once he realises Washington can't hurt him.