CHB Get Fit - 2012 Challenge


Formerly TommyV, resident ESB virgin.
May 31, 2012
Greater London
I'm in. Seeing as you told me to start today, I have.

So far, my plan of getting fit involved me rolling in hungover about half 1 and eating a lunch that didn't contain cheese. Swag me out.
Jun 7, 2012
the guy in the pic is also full of roids lol

he looks like sam sexton in the fat pic haha

any cunt that big is on roids, half the dudes at my gym and few of the fighters at my club are on the gear...
Jun 3, 2012
lol that alex ariza? the man who makes the 'speical' wild card shakes? you think this dudes on them?


He's a mate of mine who competes in NPA which is drug free bodybuilding, where they're actually tested , unlike mr Olympia etc
Jun 1, 2012
How old is that picture then?
about a month the weight doesnt really show on me i can move about a stone or 2 quite easily wityhout much of a visual difference
i aiont weighted myself in ages though so ill check tomorrow what i am now :lol:
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