Classic Boxing Pictures and Videos

"Jimmy MacLarnin and "Pop" Foster. Perhaps the greatest boxer-manager relationship in history. Pop had Jimmy from the time he was a boy, taught the future two-time welter champ how to box and punch, managed his money so that when Jimmy retired he was a millionaire. Pop himself was wealthy and when he died, left his fortune MacLarnin."
i'll never take youtube for granted...i'm at an age now where i can remember buying vhs tapes out of boxing magazine adverts in the 80's for a lot of money and then waiting for delivery, just to see some of the footage freely available's an Aladdin's cave on youtube.
this clip just gone up today from a boxing channel i subscribe to, is an example of some of the bits of gold on there....some superb footage of max baer and tony galento and the banter between the two...a must watch clip...