Claypoles Hour Of Need

Jun 2, 2013
The clocks are ticking.

The rats are running.

The chimney is smoking.

The curtains are twitching.

The boats are sailing.

The mice are urinating.

The birds are shitting.

The seagulls are assaulting humans.

The roads are glistening.

The night is shining.

The moon is glaring.

The heavens are staring.

London is burning.

New York is turning.

Horses stables are alight with might.

Ghenghis Khan turns in his ancient grace.

As the man from Harlow takes to the stage.

Yellow Shirt burning brighter than the sun.

Tesco value Velcro strap shoes pulling tighter than a gun.

The man the myth and the legend.

The southern oracle in the never ending story of Harlow native.

A man rumoured to have risen from the dead......the Christ like figure from Harlows Head.

The crows are mocking.

The cows are mooing.

Ants are carrying blades of grass.

And huckleberry fin likes a boat on the sea with sharks in the water.

All the people shopping.

All the business booming.

But even though he is sober now and he is not a coi carp fish........

A human being with a heart and soul.....

His childhood lived out and now he has grown old.......

Who will be there for Claypoles hour of need ?????????
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