Crawford Ashley (33-10-1)...

Crawford Ashley: Fan or Not A Fan?

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May 8, 2016
I remember his fights with Nicky Piper. And Michael Nunn.

He beat Piper in a gruelling fight. With Nunn it was a surprise title shot,... Nunns opponent pulled out and Ashley a career light-heavyweight was surprisingly offered the title shot at Super-Middleweight. With only about 4 weeks notice.

He put up a brave effort but was clearly nowhere near Michael Nunns class. And got beat up and stopped.

Crawford never had much of a fanbase not even in British boxings heyday of the early 1990's , a fringe world class contender. Sort of fighter you casually follow and root for because you know he has come from a hardlife and has only gotten to title level on determination despite not being exceptionally skilled.

Last I heard he was having a hardtime in retirement and had attempted suicide a couple of times. Hope he is in a better place mentally.
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Jun 3, 2013
Why wouldn't anyone be a fan of his? British, Commonwealth and European champion who fought for World titles and was a fan friendly fighter with massive punching power.

My favourite type of fighter.
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