Cuba's Best Amateur Boxer, Robeisy Ramírez, Signing with Top Rank?


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Dec 12, 2015
He had a non existent jab, his work literally only comes after the other guy finishes throwing.
Nothing wrong with counter punching. His non existent jab was indeed an embarrassment.
Jun 4, 2013
Yeah, shocker when I read the results. I totally missed his fight. I hope it's still up so I can watch it tomorrow. Only place I saw the odds was a site that allows users to pick who'll win. It had like 100% picking Ramirez. This has to be up there in terms of upsets. Hell, REDC thought his opponent was embarrassingly bad :lol:.

Anyways, I've not been impressed with the duo of Conlan and Stevenson. They're both super boring, and I hope they lose soon. Conlan with that stupid McGregor tough-guy routine at the very least should be exciting in his fights, but they're fucking boring. McGregor backed his shit up and put some exciting fights. Conlan puts the crowd to sleep. Fucking ESPN team were practically apologizing for the dude's style.
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