Dana White targets October for the launch of Zuffa Boxing

DB Cooper

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May 17, 2013
Dana White is finally ready to get into the boxing business.

He plans on using a more UFC-centric model for Zuffa Boxing and now has a targeted launch date for the promotion later this year.

“I’ve hired a guy to come in and run the boxing side,” White said.

“Actually over here on the other side of my office, construction is going on, we’re building offices and a war room and all the things that we’re going to need for this thing to start running in October.

“I’m hoping to have Zuffa Boxing fully functional and running by October.”

As of now, White hasn’t made any definitive announcements regarding the fighters who will be signed to Zuffa Boxing or a broadcast partner where the fights will be shown.


Yolo Swaggins

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May 16, 2013
Zuffa is a terrible name but i hope it takes off and shakes things up a bit, the political side of boxing is tiring