David Avanesyan (EBU) vs. Josh Kelly - February 20th 2021

Avanesyan vs. Kelly Winner and How?

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May 24, 2018
Frankie Gavin doesn't think highly of Josh Kelly again ducking David Avanesyan! He also reveals he thinks Kelly ducked fighting him too, after Hearn first making him an offer to fight Kelly.

Neil Marsh's twitter post, which Gavin points to, seems to suggest that Kelly doesn't want the fight anymore. Complete silence from Kelly and Booth.

If this really is what it seems to be, Kelly again avoiding Avanesyan and this time to fight for a European title, and doing so after bragging about that he was ready for Khan and Brooks a year and a half ago, has there really been any worse saga of ducking a fighter in recent British boxing history? Its been going on since December 2018 now.

Having kept an eye on Kelly for 2-3 years, and having seen Avanesyan defeat Lejarraga sitting ringside, I was really looking forward to this fight. I have nothing against Kelly, but you can't hype yourself like that and then turn down the chance to fight for a European title, as the mandatory challenger selected by the EBU. I think Eddie Hearn started to think the same too. Not sure if Eddie will give PBK an easier opponent than Avanesyan next though, as he seems eager to test him against a contender level gate keeper.

May 15, 2017
If Booth has successfully convinced Kelly to drop his sorry Mayweather imitation & to maintain an effective defense, I think Josh can take this strap.
Jun 13, 2012
Looking forward to this when it's rescheduled. It's the ideal European title fight