David Avanesyan vs Kerman Lejarraga II Confirmed for September 28; Josh Kelly to Fight Winner

Aug 4, 2012
Hope Kerman can get the win this time, like watching him but he is flawed and obviously vulnerable after the first loss which i didn't see coming. Same outcome is what i think will happen though unfortunately.
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Jul 6, 2019
Is Kelly actually gonna go near the winner?
I doubt it. I certainly wouldn't put him anywhere near it after his last outing.

Eddie has had his fingers burnt with a few EBU challenges lately. I imagine he would prefer Kelly to have a guaranteed win and the maybe the Benn fight rather than this.

Booth seems keen to move him quickly, and he has previous with Haye and Groves, but he must also see there is work to be done if Kelly is to start these kind of fights as favourite.

I think he probably loses to both, and I find his style so off-putting that I really don't care if he does. Feel a bit bad saying that, but it's true.
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May 24, 2018
@nidaros997 do you know if there will be a legal stream for this show?
I see you already got a reply, but here goes:

The whole card (8 fights) can be seen online for $15, from 20.00 pm local time. Main fight normally takes place late, around 23.30 or later.

https://www.fite.tv/watch/mgz-lejarraga ... yan/2p2c3/

A bigger rematch?

Last year the EBU rematch between Kiko Martinez and Marc Vidal was pretty big. I was there in Elche to see their first fight for the EBU title in May 2018. It ended in a technical draw after Kiko first outboxing and on his way to stopping Vidal, when Vidal's experienced coach between rounds convinced the third man in the ring to stop the fight and award a TD. The atmosphere among the 2000+ crowd was electric thereafter, with what I believe must have been Kiko's mother tell a few people what she thought about the corruption we had just witnessed. In the rematch Kiko won on a decision over 12 rounds, which placed him in the position to get a WBC title shot, which I think was the plan all along the way. A title fight he lost, as expected, but probably gave him one last good pay day. He has now stepped down one weight class again, so I guess we have not yet seen the last of Kiko.

Vidal is now getting a new shot on the EBU, facing reigning champion Andoni Gago in the next big show in Bilbao scheduled for 16 November. (This is shown on EBU's web page about the standing of each title and scheduled EBU title fights.) For those who like a real slugfest, you should not miss Gago - Vidal! I guess that show might come on fite.tv too.

The fight between Lejarraga and Avanesyan will also be shown (I think) on (Spanish) Eurosport 2 the day after, but by then the fight should be on youtube as well.

The whole card this Saturday:


The promotor MGZ has a few talented boxers coming up now, which are crowd pleasers. Two of those guys are 3-0 now, Mario Ospina (nicknamed super Mario), seems to have both the boxing talent and could in the future become a new crowd favourite in Bilbao. The other is Salvador Jimenez. You should also watch 20 year old Samuel Molina, who became the Spanish champion in lightweight this summer. At 12-0 (5) since August 2017, he already has a very nice resume: https://boxrec.com/en/proboxer/805962 From Malaga in the south, but promoted by MGZ I think. This being his fifth match this year. He headlined their Marbella show this summer, which will be an annual MGZ summer event in August. Their welter prospect Jon Miguez (10-0) had a hand surgery I think last spring, and has not fought since February.
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Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
Name a bigger one?
Paulino Uzcudun had a rematch against Primo Carnera for the world heavyweight title. 70,000 people attended. He also had a trilogy with Max Schmeling. Ignacio Ara had a trilogy with Marcel Thil, with the second and third fights contesting the world middleweight title. The Pedro Carrasco and Mando Ramos trilogy, Javier Castillejo against Felix Sturm, Jose Girones vs Freddie Miller etc. There was probably quite a few during the 1930's, which was a golden era for Spanish boxing.

Carnera-Uzcudun in Rome:

And here's an image from Miller-Girones II at Barcelona's La Monumental bull ring:

Jul 6, 2019
Sangchili - Panama Al Brown. Although that was held in Paris, not Spain. And was obviously a long, long time ago
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