DAZN’s leaking has started

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A champion gets up when he cant
Jul 13, 2018

Garcia aint happy and this dude has connections.
12 months time they are OUT!
Jun 4, 2013

Garcia aint happy and this dude has connections.
12 months time they are OUT!
LOL Ryan garcia bringing down dazn =zero chance

Whats his problem, he's saying others are getting paid better ( name one during pandemic time?).

He's contracted and dazn probably want to wait a little longer until they can maximise their profit off a ryan garcia fight (potential star money wise).

By the end of the year he should have 2 fights and dazn probably want them televised and with crowds and the hype.

I think maybe someone else is getting in his ear...
Jul 14, 2015
DAZN the perfect platform to kill your profile and brand. Bivols career is wasting away, Beterbiev luckily jumped ship quick.

Anyone noticed how DAZN havent signed any fighters for a long time?

Predicting Usyk will jump ship to ESPN next to be with his bumchum Lomo.
Oct 7, 2019
Northern Ireland
I think it's a great idea - especially for boxing. I get DAZN through a Canadian university friend. I pay him to buy the yearly fee with his home bank account.

The issue is they've granted Eddie Hearn a blank cheque, 2398328923892398 grams of cocaine and no scrutiny. They allowed him so much capital at the start and it's enabled him to build a stable of fighters simply too big to service.

The good fighters are wasted, the ones who challenge his top tier aren't getting a decent pop and the ones who are world beaters have jumped ship. The best fights I've watched on DAZN in the last year are Super Series fights, which kind of says it all. Callum S was lucky against Ryder and GGG is starting to lose his magic (Derevyanchenko was good value for a draw or win). I'm Northern Irish with a bias; he pushed Keeler against Andrade and sold the card (which wasn't particularly good). Keeler is a good fighter, but he was nowhere near World level. I like watching Tevin Farmer for his old school moves. He was badly beaten and I don't think he's a proper champion. Jono vs Quigg was a painful watch. He signs Billy Joe and puts him under the rug - if the Canelo fight doesn't happen you have to do GGG/Canelo III & Smith/Saunders in the UK.

Beterbiev is showstopping material. He bangs everyone out in a style that's easy to sell to casual fight fans. Whyte is another one that has limitations yet can be sold to a casual fan. I just think Hearn has a great grasp of the British market. Cracking stateside is far more difficult.

I think DAZN need to thin down. Cut the deadwood and focus on the good. You've lots of fighters on long deals who are one or two bouts two years into a contract.
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Jun 4, 2013
Again, boxing has completely flopped during this pandemic. I don't blame any fighter for being angry. It's tough as fuck for heavy guys like Garcia to stay in their respective division during fight season. I'd imagine it's far more difficult when everything is shut down!

By the way, instead of spending money on stupid shit like a drunken sailor (Tevin Farmer's ridiculous paychecks for one), Hearn could've used the money to keep his higher profile talent paid.
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Jul 14, 2015
DAZN wanting Masvidal or Khabib for Canelo - good job getting Dana White giving you two of his PPV fighters, what complete stupidity + arrogance from DAZN.