Deontay Wilder, Jay Deas and Shelly Finkel media conference call

Oct 29, 2018
Just one of the quotes from the interview :

Q: Jay, how much progress have you seen in Deontay's boxing skills as a pugilist mentally and physically?

J. Deas:
"Well I'd say I'm glad you asked that question. Deontay does not get the credit that he deserves for the improvement, the skill level that he has and the ring IQ that he has. I don't think people totally get what they're seeing, and sometimes they don't understand the nuances of the sport. But we do what we call a six-month test, every six months we ask ourselves, would you right now beat you from six months ago?

And I can answer 100% honestly that since the beginning of the first day that he came in the gym, that answer has been yes. He beats him from six months ago. He keeps getting better and better and better and smarter and refined with the technique. See, the things that people don't really get is, and understand, the timing, the distance, the spacing, the positioning, all those things that allow you to land those big punches, that's skill, that's maybe the most important skill.
Now I know people like to look on the Internet and see a guy throwing on the mitts a 47-punch combination with three dips, four dips and five dips, but that's not reality, that's not against live resisting opposition. And what Deontay does is he puts himself in a position to land those shots. Now that's more skill than people really sometimes can even comprehend what he's doing.

So to answer your question, yes, I mean, his improvement just continues and continues. And the thing is, he wants to learn. He's the kind of guy that is still hungry to get better and better and I think that's probably the best compliment I could give any fighter. But Deontay is a whole different level guy.