Deontay Wilder (WBC) vs. Dominic Breazeale - May 18th 2019

Wilder vs. Breazeale Winner and How?

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Oct 7, 2015
Wilder stoppage. Brezeale is tough and game but he doesn't deserve this fight and has no business challenging for another world title. Wilder needs to up his game and stop hiding behind politics of boxing and get into the ring with Joshua. I'm not one for negotiation talk, in fact I despise it, but both sides need to get their act together and get a fight on. Not interested in he said she said back and forths from either side.
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Jun 6, 2013
Time to give up hoping for a real HW division, and just enjoy what they give us, I guess.

If the odds are really good, put some money on Breazeale. He runs hot & cold, and he's a horribly-slow starter, but he also has shown moments of brilliance as a fighter. Fast hands, great power, excellent defense (at times.)

Combine that with Wilder's absurd ego, and an upset is actually somewhat likely, especially if the fight goes more than 2-3 rounds.

I've always liked Breazeale, and if someone has to take Wilder down (he certainly needs to be humbled) then I'd love it to be Dominic.


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