RBR!!! Devin Haney vs Jorge Linares - 29 May 2021

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Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia for the right to face Lopez...
I hear the WBC have just removed the interim title from Garcia, not sure if he'll be back this year either but Haney's just won, if Lopez beats Kambosos Jr next month they should fight immediately, it must happen soon because unfortunately there's a growing number of people who just will not accept that Lopez is undisputed at the class, he's literally the disputed lightweight champion right now and will be until he sees Haney so this needs to be put to bed once and for all
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Fighting the Fury loving Scum
Jun 2, 2019
Good win by Haney, went after Linares the whole fight and didn't give him space. He was sharp and despite some strong counters from Linares, he comfortably won despite getting buzzed in the 10th. I would have scored it 117-111 to Haney. I think Lopez should fight him next after beating Kambosos for the Undisputed, it would be a good fight. I haven't seen alot of either's career but based on what I have seen I would make it a 60/40 fight in favour of Lopez but it should be a good matchup.