Dillian Whyte vs. Oscar Rivas - July 20th 2019

Whyte vs. Rivas Winner and How?

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Jun 1, 2013

Dillian buying 5 of his own tickets and giving them away via IFL. I reckon its gonna be empty on the night...
Since he's being paid by matchroom anyway doesn't that mean matchroom are giving away tickets via Whyte via matchrooms main promotional channel?:shifty
Jun 6, 2012
Right.... confession time. I dont think I've ever seen Rivas fight and I've not got the interest in the fight to do any research this week.

Is somebody who is only 6 ft 0in and was getting turned over handily by Jennings gonna bring anything to this party?

Royal Watcher

watching the Windsors
Nov 10, 2014
Hearn is denying rumors of poor ticket sales for Whyte-Rivas. Says over 12,000 tickets have been sold and that he expects as many as 14,000 to attend.
Apr 27, 2019
Sat in a public house and cannot believe they have put this open workout on Sky Sports Main Event. Bugger all there. Worse than Frank's workout the other day in a fruit market.
Jun 6, 2012
That's not news.

Hearn has already admitted the mandatory will come AFTER the Fury fight.

He's even admitted that he fears they'll bump the winner of Wilder Fury up to franchise champion and Whyte would have to fight for the 'normal' belt.

DB Cooper

peel me a grape
May 17, 2013
“The winner of the bout will become Mandatory Challenger for the WBC Heavyweight World Championship. This title currently held by Deontay Wilder.”

Isn't this is a back-flip from what the WBC have been saying? I was getting the distinct impression from what I was hearing that Whyte 'had missed his chance.'
Jul 6, 2019
Watched some of the latest Hearn IFL video and he claimed the winner of this fight will be interim champ, must get a shot at the belt by end of May, will get a great split and there are agreements to stop any funny business with franchise belts.

Plan is for Whyte to win this go again in Dec, and face the wbc champ in May.

Obviously anything Hearn or the WBC say must be taken with a pinch of salt. It would also mean wilder fighting Ortiz, Fury and Whyte in about 8 - 9 months, which seems unlikely.
Jun 5, 2012
I'm going Whyte on points. Delboy pressured Whyte but I think Rivas can be more accurate than Chisora and may get jobbed here if his chin holds up.