Dominic Breazeale vz Otto Wallin Feb 13th

Breazeale vs Wallin Who Wins & How?

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Aug 28, 2014
This is a good fight Wallin should have beat Fury on a cut but he didnt look anything special maybe just a tough guy who got lucky, if he can dominate Breazeale its a solid win at the same time if Breazeale beats him it shows Fury is human
Jun 6, 2013
I was always a Breazeale fan, despite him being the slowest starter in the HW division. His win over Ugonoh was incredibly impressive, show both his toughness / resilience / heart and skills / power. I think he's a top-5 fighter that either didn't train optimally, or has a bad trainer, or maybe he has issues keeping his head in the game, and so is currently in the second-tier. An always-dangerous fighter that NO opponent should ever take lightly.

Wallin looked really good for most of his career, but he was reluctant to leave Sweden for a good reason. Once he stepped up, he was pretty badly exposed. And Wallin is a dirty SOB. He butts, he rabbit ounches, he even tried to rub his thumb into Tyson Fury's eye. I can't stand the POS, and hope the "real" Domiic Breazeale shows up and beats him so badly that he retires afterwards.

whew, I feel better now....... :lol: