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Jun 4, 2013
Guy is a goddam legend. Always speaks in plain terms pointing out the errors in people's logic.

I recall one particular video he was at some Uni presumably in Turkey, and this Turkish girl stands up and starts talking about the ill of the British Empire blah blah blah typical indoctrinated/notracistbutactuallyracist hypocrit. And hes like "My dear, the Ottoman Empire was one of of the biggest and longest reigning empires in all human history and committed just as bad atrocities,"

She soon shut the fuck up.

Ernest Shackleton

Moderate Assadist
Jun 8, 2013
Won't see this guy on the BBC anytime soon :deal
He was on last week destroying the teacher Corbynista Holly Rigby. She then went on twitter and called him all sorts of names then this week called the British chief Rabbi and all sorts she has now quit Twitter. Here’s the interchange and article

Full interchange is inside this article

Jun 5, 2013
Big, big fan of Douglas. Common sense at its finest.

Probably loathed by many on here......or ridiculed for being a retarded.
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