Downstown and Gay Ass Bob’s Homoerotica Thread

Slick Ric

Long limousines & jet airplanes
Apr 7, 2015
@Slick Ric rate this physique. Not bad for a little guy eh? Do his tats enhance his physique? Does his dick look big? What say you.

You rate it. You’re the one here posting gay shit. How much would you like to suck that little twink’s dick on a scale of “yes” to “oh fuck yes”?
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Jun 4, 2013
Nice try slick dick...

Erasing your homoerotic photo of Overrim job along with your gay muscle worshipping comments.

Too bad plenty already saw your gayatee....
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Jul 15, 2012
People who have posted gay pics in this thread:

  1. Downstown
  2. Bobby Buttsex
Says the guy editing over posts with six packs and pecs. Even the thread title was changed :rofl :yep

You seem to hate us now :lol: it's only fun if everyone is having fun. I just want to say there is nothing wrong with being gay you should stop discriminating. There are some gay fighters out there that would whoop you. Me too I'm sure. Anyways, :hi:
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