Eleven Years ago - Haye vs Enzo, THAT FATEFUL NIGHT, Micky's, Hair Gel, Zafiras and Haikus

Jun 14, 2012
Eleven years is a long time. The world was very different eleven years ago. No Brexit, No Trump, only one Boxing Forum to post on :rofl

David Haye knocked out Enzo Maccarinelli in the second round of a Cruiserweight unification bout at the o2 arena early in the morning of the 9th of May 2008.


The fight was quite a big deal at the time. Setanta Sports (remember them?) were hyping it to the max. Haye had been rumoured to be struggling at the weight and was very obviously eyeing up a move to the Heavyweight division but he had looked good in his win against Mormeck for the WBA, WBC & Lineal titles and was the deserved bookies favourite. Maccarinelli by contrast had gone the Warren/WBO reign-of-terror route fighting a collection of has-beens and never-weres. However, Enzo looked to have a reasonable dig on him and with Haye possibly struggling to boil down to 200lbs, if he could take it late and wear Haye down some people thought he had a decent chance.

Looking back at the fight and the aftermath now, you could argue that this bout saw peak Haye. He looked good in subsequent fights (Ruiz, Chisora) but probably not as good as here or against Mormeck. This was certainly the high-water mark of Enzo Mac's career. His fragility exposed for all to see, his subsequent career saw him KO'd alarmingly on a number of occasions.

However, there was something else that may or may not have happened that provided a decade of shitposts and joy for what must be at least six or seven of us.... :happy:happy:happy

So good there's even a song about it

I'm not going to link to ESB or whatever they call themselves now, but @FLINT ISLAND who had proven his credentials as a Welsh Boxing expert with numerous references to Colin Jones' shed posted up an absolute fucking storm about Enzo Mac (and later Enzo Calzaghe) and poor preparation, dropping the bombshell that Enzo Calzaghe had stopped off on the way to the o2 to get Big Enzo Pie, Chips & a Can from Micky's fish bar in Paddington.

I think @Wallet first uncovered the picture, but he's certainly responsible for record keeping
W549 OPS .....

As people who know me in real life will attest, if I pick something up, I'll run that shit into the ground :good and I thought there was shitposting potential galore in this and then something special happened as I ended up working 100 yards away from Micky's :banana:banana:banana

Me, having the 'Enzo Special'

Well, we had pages of posts about if Big Enzo went for the Tizer or Dr Peppers, in depth discussions about the missing hair gel, reports of the Zafira not being roadworthy, accusations by @FLINT ISLAND of Enzo Calzaghe committing benefit fraud...and then there was at least one thread of haikus where myself and @ant-man went back and forth for 3 pages. Shitposting Glory Days.

Frankly, the Enzo/Micky's shitposting was, in my mind, the most entertaining thing that had happened in boxing for quite some time. I honestly thought the sport had peaked at that point and it was a slow decline from that moment on, rather like Enzo's career.

Fortunately, Joe Joyce rocked up to a fight wearing a sombrero and looking incredibly uncomfortable. At that point I realised that there was still comedic life in the old dog yet.
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Jun 14, 2012
I remember that Flint was posting as White Tiger at the time and one of the ESB threads exploded into a load of similar named alts ("Grey Leopard", "Solitary Hunter" etc etc) that started arguing vehemently with each other. I had/have no idea what the fuck caused that but it was hilarious.

@shaunster101 was responsible for some fucking excellent shitposting threads, The Ghanaian TTGs, his auctioning off of "Wlad's shitted tighty-whities" belong in the ATG list.
The Cleverley Reign-of -Terror threads with a special mention for the Karpency Kart are memorable too.
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Scaredy Bat
Nov 16, 2012
I didn't post on boxing forums in those days :verysad

I can't fucking believe it's 11 years ago though, this time is flying by. That was a time when I were a big David Haye fan as well.
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Jun 11, 2014
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May 31, 2012
White Tiger said:
Boxing Folklaw throughout the generations.................

Rocky Marciano knocking out a man in a Swansea Pub - and realised he could be a boxer.

Mike Tyson exploding on a guy - who killed one of his pigeons - and realised he could fight.

Oliver McCall crying on his way to the ring to meet Lennox Lewis and KO him.

Mike Tyson punching a hole in the dressing room wall before he fought Michael Spinks.

Nazim Richardson - discovering illegal hand blocks - in Antonio Margritos bandages befoe the Mosely fight.

Cassius Clay getting his gloves cut in between rounds of the Cooper fight to buy more time after a knockdown.

Cassius Clay throwing his Olympic Gold Medal in the River in rebellion to society after the Games.

Cassius Clay refusing to got to war - in Vietnam.

Mike Tyson imprisoned for ****.

Tupac Shakur getting shot dead - after the Tyson V Seldon fight.

Naseem Hamed popping into the bookies - to check the odds on him - on the way to the Enqrie Angeles fight.

Andrew Golota hiding in the toilets before the Lennox Lewis fight.

The massive brawl at Madison Square Garden after the Bowe - Golota fight.

Enzo Calzaghe driving Enzo Maccarinelli to the 02 arena to face David Haye in his Vauxhall People carrier and stopping for Pie and Chips and a can of Tango on the way.