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Jun 13, 2012
Tycho Station
Maxwell has it seems agreed to name names so Elon best have a suitcase packed.

U seem to have more info than we do brah, u rly dat tight with Maxwell? Go a head ya perv, hit dat ass, no judgement. :lol:

But in case of finishing in the deeps, only thing oil media could dug up so far is Elon's brah Kimbal dating some adult woman who knew Epstein, and Eps supposedly wanted to reach out to already Iron Man / celebrity / rich man Elon via Kimbal via this woman, to no avail. Perhaps he had a tour in SpaceX, which has been open to tour any American citizen in the past 15 years, perhaps they met at the many potential crossings at these official events where entrepreneurs, celebrities and investors show up. Perhaps there's a story to forge out of a photo, like how Churchill is responsible for the tens of millions of civil victims of Communism, as he was caught doing a selfie with Stalin...

GUILTY!!!! :lol:
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Jun 13, 2012
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Stockholders are gearing toward profitability and S&P500 inclusion which will see a new buying frenzy, also cause by short squeeze. Tesla is now the most shorted company in history in dollar measurement (20 billion) and looks like shorters will have to cover their positions at insane loss, also driving stock price up. So it's a perfect storm of stock rise as Tesla's vertically integrated model is coming together.

But that's not the only thing: Giga Shanghai phase 2 looks ready to be equipped with machines and Model Y production may start this year, even with new battery and casting. Cybertruck is also having preorders in China AND Elon promised a smaller Model 2/C via local designers. He also talked about FSD autonomy at an online China conference (deal with the stupid music):

Elon promised a smaller car in Europe too as Tesla is building a design studio besides Giga Berlin (and Tesla Grohmann), and the new plant construction is finally speeding up (tho still no building permit, only groundwork they may need to restore to original state if unsuccessful). BTW, both Tesla shareholder meeting and battery day now officially happens on September 22, in person, in Fremont.

Starlink launch is getting pushed back day after day due to bad weather, currently targeting 10:54 AM EDT today. And Starship SN5 static fire and 150m hop also delayed to no earlier than the 13th. In the meantime SpaceX is building the Super Heavy booster high bay and taking Zeus out.

And in Neuralink news, Elon is giving major update on he progress on August 28 with a slightly scare proposition in human vs. AI fears/debate:

:lol: Fuck he up to now?
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Jun 4, 2013
People on Stocktwits keep saying they're about to short TESLA. RIP if you're thinking about doing that. They're all saying shit like TESLA is the next LK, WCAGY, etc. Ridiculous levels of hate, and I am agreeing that there should be no way TESLA should be at that price right now. Fuck if I am touching that toxic ass stock at these levels, though.
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Jun 13, 2012
Tycho Station
People on Stocktwits keep saying they're about to short TESLA. RIP if you're thinking about doing that. They're all saying shit like TESLA is the next LK, WCAGY, etc. Ridiculous levels of hate, and I am agreeing that there should be no way TESLA should be at that price right now. Fuck if I am touching that toxic ass stock at these levels, though.
If Q2's profitable & S&P's happening (where Tesla would be larger than 90% of the 500 which is crazy) it will consolidate market cap and confirm opinions comparing them to Amazon. Latter was 'just a webshop' upon firing past $1000 and now the largest company on Earth into movies, TV, AI, electronics, self-driving, drones, cloud and more.

Tesla's also more than 'just a car company', it's a battery, AI, self-driving, industrial manufacturing, drive train, solar and energy company currently offering solar panels & roofs, industrial & home batteries, self-driving SW and car subscription services and soon Tesla made batteries, Tesla taxi and Tesla Semi for transportation.

They can eventually directly sell or licence batteries, drive trains, single-cast / stainless steel car platforms, autopilot SW and Gigafactories to rivals at a premium, and at some point for a Fiat or Ford it may be cheaper if they do the design and Tesla handles the manufacturing, the batteries & the SW. Guess $1500 has all that calculated in it much like smart investors seeing where Amazon was heading back in those 'crazy high stock' days.
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Jun 13, 2012
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Rrrrriiigh. The Sun (which has a witness already denying the story) is a great source. :lol: But lemme tell you something brotha: dat bisch is krazzy!!! If she got Elon tangled in her dogfight with Depp, she may come up with stories like when she banged herself up to call police on Depp. And perhaps Depp himself will throw some punches at Musk. We're in for a ride. :lol:

Really, that lady... she like beat Depp regularly? Shat into his bed, fuck was that about? :yikes She be some crazy, dirty 'stay faaaaar away batshit cuckoo' momma who always had the reputation, don't believe a thing coming from her side. Still, Elon should've know better and ask Tesla AI to do a psycholocial profile on her or use Starlink satellites with self-driving Tesla ground support to spy on her. Yeah she's hot, but waaaaaaay too hot to handle. Put a cap on dat South African dick, Elon you boy!


Jun 13, 2012
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With US Covid cases skyrocketing uncontrollably (mostly cause no strict mask & distancing rules) California among others is rolling back in reopenings and shutdowns are coming. Fremont itself may shut down temporarily, but mostly for some upgrades to expand Model Y production.

Tesla, which implemented strict policies first in Shanghai then in the US facilities (masks, distancing on buses, social places, tho there are some tight places on factory line where some still need to work at close distance), have sent a letter to its employees regarding coronavirus stats:
  • with over 50k employees, models predict 1500 workers potentially contacted with Covid over the past 7 months - that's of all employees worldwide, living their lives since Covid broke out
  • 130 of 50k+ tested positive worldwide, all quarantined at home, most confirmed getting infected off-site
  • less than 10 ppl. got infected inside Tesla facilities since January
  • no employee is known to have developed serious symptoms
This is contrary to reports that 'read' the same letter and concluded that 1500 Tesla employees were infected in Fremont, which is hilariously bad reading and comprehension skills, but that's what you get nowadays. Obviously shit is bad, and I don't envy anyone in the most affected countries and in tight workplaces, with or without masks, distancing and disinfection.

On a more positive note, Giga Berlin got another temporary permit to do more groundwork and Elon shared the factory first phase model, looking good. Work is effectively doubling up now, but still no official build permit, that comes or gets denied come this fall.

However German court concluded 'autopilot' is a misleading word in Tesla marketing cause the car doesn't drive itself without supervision, which is a totally idiotic ruling considering autopilot is a system developed for aircraft among other things to maintain control of the vehicle with human supevision. That is EXACTLY what Tesla Autopilot is.



Jun 13, 2012
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Tesla has updated its Boring machine FAQ including fresh info on Prufrock, it's high performance electric boring machine that can finish a short tunnel in a mere days. Also some new renders about the Las Vegas Convention Center stations where you'll be able to enter then leave the loop system later this year, which may extend all the way through the Strip to the McCarran Airport.

The Boring tunnels make sense cause they can be dig cheap, fast with barely any sound and earthquake-safe tunnels can go 3D, so whenever you need extra capacity or directions, you dig a new one. It's not only hugely faster and cheaper than subways, the benefit is entering the vehicle at one point and go to your destination station without any stop.

At first existing Teslas will drive around with, then without human supervision, then fully autonomous vehicles will do the trick with more space. Also, a Boring tunnel network just under downtown LA can hugely decrease ICE emissions just by removing 10% of the vehicles from surface (only electric can enter these tunnels). Less crowed streets, less rush hours, faster travel, better for the environment. Can you dig it?

Boring tunnels FAQ


Why Tunnels?

Benefits of tunneling include:
  1. Unlimited capacity: There is no practical limit to how many layers of tunnels can be built, so any current or future capacity outcome can be achieved. This flexibility contrasts with a surface system, where adding a lane to the road is often difficult.
  2. Minimal land use: Tunnels minimize the use of valuable surface land. Tunnels also do not conflict with currently operating transportation systems, such as roads and sidewalks.
  3. Minimal surface impact: Tunnel construction and operation do not create any discernible surface noise or vibration. Tunnel construction and operation are invisible, silent, and undetectable.
  4. Weatherproof operation: Rain, snow, wind, and surface temperatures do not affect system operation.
  5. Flexible architecture: Architecture can flexibly support different types of transportation (public transportation, moving sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, and freight).
  6. Future expansion: For the reasons listed above, it is much simpler to extend a tunnel-based system than a surface-based system.
Why hasn't this been done before?

Currently, tunnels are really expensive to dig, with many projects costing between $100 million and $1 billion per mile. In order to make vast tunnel networks feasible, tunneling costs must be reduced by a factor of more than 10, with TBC's Loop tunnels currently priced at approximately $10 million per mile.

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)


What kind of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) does TBC have?

TBC has iterated through three generations of TBMs – Godot (off-the-shelf TBM), Godot+ (50% faster than Godot), and Prufrock (pictured above). Each TBM was developed to further increase tunneling speed and reduce tunneling cost.
Prufrock has been designed to launch directly from the surface and will achieve speeds of more than 10x faster than Godot.

How fast are TBMs?

Standard TBMs typically dig one mile in 8-12 weeks, which is approximately 14x slower than a garden snail (depending on which snail, of course).
Prufrock has initially been designed to tunnel greater than one mile per week, with the longer term goal of tunneling at 1/10 of human walking speed, which is 7 miles per day.

How are we increasing tunneling speed?

Prufrock, our third generation TBM, has incorporated the following design changes and modifications:
1. Surface launch and porpoising: Launching the TBM directly from the surface eliminates the need to excavate a TBM launch pit, which is expensive and slow. Instead, Prufrock arrives on a truck, tilts down, and is mining within 48 hours. Porpoising allows the TBM to emerge at-grade without necessitating the excavation of an expensive TBM retrieval pit.

2. Continuous mining: Installing the tunnel’s precast segments simultaneously with mining eliminates the need to stop the TBM every five feet (these stoppages are standard on soft-soil TBMs).

3. Tripling the TBM’s power: Combining tripling the machine’s power output with the appropriate upgrades in cooling systems. More power = more speed.

4. Eliminating rail: Utilizing rubber-wheeled segment trucks instead of traditional rail-based locomotives. This eliminates the time-consuming rail installation and maintenance, along with certain safety hazards, such as derails.


How are we reducing the cost of tunneling?

TBC is reducing tunneling costs to below $10 million per mile through a number of improvements and innovations, including:
  1. Vertical integrating: Producing TBMs, electric construction vehicles, and the tunnel’s precast concrete lining in-house.
  2. Reducing and standardizing the tunnel diameter: Reducing the tunnel diameter to 12 feet, a 30% - 60% reduction relative to standard transportation tunnel diameters. Maintaining the same tunnel diameter for all projects in order to avoid "reinventing the wheel" each time TBC designs a project and construction process.
  3. Repurposing dirt: Developing alternative methods of excavated tunnel dirt reuse, including repurposing the muck as bricks and pavers for housing projects and embankment beautification.
  4. Designing and using all-electric tunneling equipment: Constructing the tunnel using all-electric tunneling equipment, including an all-electric segment liner truck (formerly an all-electric locomotive), resulting in a cleaner tunnel with simpler ventilation requirements due to the lack of diesel fumes.
Loop System

What is Loop?

Loop is an all-electric, zero-emissions, high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported via compatible Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEVs) at up to 150 miles per hour through Main Artery Tunnels between stations. AEVs are Tesla vehicles (Model S, 3, and X) that operate autonomously within the Loop system.

What type of stations are there?

There are three station types: surface stations, subsurface stations, and subsurface open-air stations.

What is the ridership capacity of Loop?

Loop ridership is a function of the number, size, and spacing of stations. Generally, high-volume Loop systems target 10,000 people/hour. If a system requires greater ridership, additional tunnels can be constructed. If a system requires much lower ridership, the tunnel system remains the same, and smaller, less expensive stations are constructed.

How much would a trip cost?

Fare prices are project-specific but will be comparable to or lower than current public transportation fares.
How is Loop different from a subway?
Loop is an express public transportation system that resembles an underground highway more than a subway system.
Passengers arrive directly at their final destination without stopping by traveling through a Main Artery Tunnel and using side tunnels for AEV entry/exit.
To put it another way, if a subway line had 100 stops, a train would typically stop at each station, so the trip between Stop 1 and Stop 100 would be long. In contrast, Loop passengers travel directly to their destination, anywhere between Stop 1 to Stop 100, without stopping at the intermediate stations. The express system allows Loop AEVs to travel faster than conventional subway cars (up to 150 mph vs. up to 65 mph).

How does Loop avoid congestion at entry/exit points?

Unlike a subway, there is no practical upper limit to the number of stations that can be built along the tunnel route because stations can be as small as two parking spaces. Since stations require such a small footprint, they can easily be integrated in busy city centers, parking garages, and residential communities. This high density of stations will distribute AEV and foot traffic across many access points, providing more convenient entry and exit locations and reducing congestion in populated areas. If needed, larger stations can be built to increase ridership capacity.

How does Loop allow riders to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Unlike standard public transportation systems, Loop vehicles carry small numbers of passengers (as low as one). This allows Loop passengers to travel with people they know and reduces the risk of exposure to airborne diseases presented by crowds. Additionally, rider high-touch surfaces are well understood within Loop vehicles, which can then be cleaned and disinfected between rides.

What is Hyperloop, and how is it different from Loop?

Hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported at 600+ mph within a vacuum-sealed tunnel. Whereas Loop is used for shorter intra-city routes, Hyperloop will be used for longer inter-city routes.
TBC’s current tunnels are designed and built in preparation for their eventual transition to Hyperloop.



Vehicle Safety

AEVs (Tesla Model S, 3, and X) have achieved NHTSA’s top rating of 5 stars and have the lowest probability of injury among all vehicles tested.

How do people evacuate?

Like subways, Loop tunnels will have emergency exits along the tunnel route. However, unlike most subway systems, Loop has no internal hazards (e.g. a 600 volt third rail), and the entire paved surface serves as an emergency walkway; the egress path is thus safe and wide (despite the reduced tunnel diameter).

What if there is a fire?

The risk of fire is very low in the Loop system as the tunnel lining is non-flammable (concrete) and no flammable materials are added. Additionally, there is no live electric third rail, minimizing potential fire sources and eliminating the potentially dangerous effects of (unlikely) water intrusion, as AEVs can safely handle some rain. In the unlikely case that a fire does occur, the tunnel’s ventilation system will remove the smoke to allow passengers to safely evacuate.

What other safety features does Loop have?

Safety features/system include:
  1. Wide walkway for emergency egress,
  2. Real-time gas and smoke detection,
  3. Ventilation system designed to NFPA standards, and
  4. Direct communications within tunnel to Control Center via tunnel intercoms, cell service, and WiFi.
What about earthquakes?

When designed properly, tunnels are some of the safest places to be during an earthquake. From a structural safety standpoint, the tunnel moves uniformly with the ground, in contrast to how surface structures react to earthquakes. Additionally, a large amount of earthquake damage is caused by falling debris, which does not happen inside of tunnels. Some examples:
  • 1994 Northridge Earthquake: No damage to LA subway tunnels.
  • 1989 Loma Prieta (Northern California) Earthquake: No damage to tunnels, which were used to transport rescue personnel.
  • 1985 Mexico City Earthquake: No damage to tunnels, which were used to transport rescue personnel.
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