Enrolling in a boxing gym tomorrow. Any tips?


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May 16, 2013
Not the Philippines

I always wished I would have even just a basic boxing gym nearby so I can learn how to box, for real, and luckily for me, it has happened.

Literally 5 minutes from where I live now.

I did one day of boxing lessons 5 years back, so I know just a little bit more than a complete noob (also thanks to this boxing site and the old one too)

The basics. Chin down, tuck elbows, hands up, snap your punches, always protect your self, etc.

I havent been super healthy and fit the past year or so. Too much working and eating, not enough exercising,

This gym is a godsend. I really hope to get healthier and also learn more boxing skills in the coming weeks.

What would be a good investment for getting equipment and gear, right now?

Nothing high end or expensive. Just decently priced.
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Jun 7, 2013
Get a face saver headgear, I fucked up my nose and 6 years later still can't breath. Ringside training gloves are also pretty good.

If you feel like coughing up the money, there's a guy on eBay selling a full set of winning gear for $400 which is well worth it
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