Exclusive: Malik Scott Post fight interview with BaylorIC TV

Jun 6, 2013
Good interview. Looking forward to part 2. Malik came across well even though you asked some hard questions. Keep it up.


Teak Tough
Staff member
May 21, 2013
Good interview, didn't shy away from the tough questions and Scott gave good honest answers.
Jun 6, 2013
You should have asked Scott why he didn't complain about the call. That's the only question that matters.
Jun 7, 2012
some good questions, like [MENTION=2300]Cableaddict[/MENTION] think he was asking that when the video cut out
[MENTION=2663]BaylorIC[/MENTION] you need to step you technology game up though mate, sounds and looks like your interviewing under the sea lol
Jul 12, 2013
You should have asked Scott why he didn't complain about the call. That's the only question that matters.
Only really see three genuine answers.

1. Thinks he cocked up as much as the ref.

2. Didn't really fancy continuing.

3. Was in on a fix.
BaylorIC First reply on Checkhook Boxing

This is my first reply on checkhookboxing. Firstly I would like to thank those who have taken the time to watch the videos. Secondally I would like to make it very clear that I dont live in the UK or the USA. I live on an island in the caribbean which is considered to be third world. My interviews via video are not the greatest but I could have just done audios which I have been doing for the longest while. So whilst it is very easy to say step up the technology unless you are prepared to contribute the videos interviews wont be much better. I depend really on a skype connection being clear at the time. The fact you can see and hear what the person is saying I think is reasonable enough and had I not done the interview you would not have been able to hear or see this exclusive interview so to be honest I believe I am doing a good job considering my resources at the time.

I am on the island of Grenada and for boxing "Experts" in our gym we have the ring in which Ali made his professional debut. Boxing isn't really considered an important sport but would like the opportunity to change that.

Whilst not matter what you do in life you cant please everybody but for those who can understand and appreciate our current shortcoming and these are temporary thanks for the support. For those who have nothing but to always pick on how things can be better, my suggestion is to keep on reporting on boxing and bringing more exclusive HD interviews..

This is not the first exclusive, we also broke the story with Peter Fury regarding David Haye signing the contract before end of Monday
:ibutt. The first to do a major interview with Terence Crawford and many more. If there is someone willing to offer a hand in terms of video editing I would be more than happy to accept some help. At the moment wont be able to pay but the future looks interesting.

Well, Thanks for your time and don't forget to check out out TV station which shows boxing bouts.