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May 8, 2013
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Snake and he's just pulled the plug and left the earth to reboot itself with no formatting, no OS and soon to be a much more lightly human populated planet. :lol:

And yeah, I fucking would. :good


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Jul 31, 2012
Hmmmm....if there were something called a "blackening mirror" then this would be what I looked like if I stared into it.
OK a confession.

For years your avatar pissed the fuck out of me. I don't know why. It made me annoyed with you by association for a while. I have only just overcome that.
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May 14, 2013
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Hmmmm....if there were something called a "blackening mirror" then this would be what I looked like if I stared into it.

For a very long time I thought you were actually the guy in the avatar, the actor Tom Lister JR. Got to admit I was disappointed when it appeared you are not that guy.
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Jul 13, 2013
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Somrak Khamsing AKA Somluck Kamsing.

One of the best Muay Thai fighters in history who fought towards the back end of what is known as the 'Golden Age' of Muay Thai. He beat most of the former and future champions of his era in and around his weight class, often fighting both well above his weightclass and at a weight disadvantage (meaning he would have to make a lower weight than the other guy for the weigh ins... it's pretty normal in Thailand to level out the odds a bit for the underdog). Hell, he even beat current major stadium champions in non title fights, and yet he never ever got a title shot. He was simply considered too good by the bettors (the bettors had pretty heavy influence back then, and even more so now a days), and also he didn't have a powerful or influential promoter. So in the end he was essentially frozen out of the sport.

So the man said 'fuck it', and decided to switch to boxing instead. And in the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta he became Thailand's first ever Olympic Champion in any sport. He won gold in the men's Featherweight division.
Yes, that was indeed the same weightclass where Floyd Mayweather won a bronze. And no, i don't think he would have beaten Floyd if Floyd would have rightfully gotten through to the final. But even with the robbery in the other semi final, it is still a genuinely great achievement.

With his Olympic gold medal he was obviously a very good boxer. But it was as a Muay Thai fighter where he was truly special.
From what i can gather he had exactly 300 Muay Thai fights in his career, losing only 12 of them. And he would have been 18 when he made the switch to boxing.

Unfortunately, there is very little footage available of him as a Muay Thai fighter.

He did eventually come back to Muay Thai more than a decade after leaving when he was in his 30's. And good as he still was he was clearly past his prime by then. Most Thai Muay Thai fighters are in their primes roughly between the ages of 18 to around 23-24. 30 would be considered very old for a Thai fighter, and you'd be safe to assume the the fighter would be at the very least on the slide, and more than likely shot.

Most of the footage below is from after he made his return to Muay Thai.

There have been talks of Somrak fighting JCVD several times in recent years, seemingly serious talks even. But thankfully it seems JCVD has thought better of it and has decided to live. @Pedderrs
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Jul 13, 2013
Faroe Islands
Nice post @Them Bones

Knew none of that and it was an interesting read.
Cheers man.

There have been so many great achievements by Thai Muay Thai fighters in other combat sports, maybe boxing in particular. Out of the around 50 World boxing Champions from Thailand (and i'm talking the 4 main ones.. WBC, IBF, WBO and WBA), i believe more than 35 of them came from a serious Muay Thai background, but don't quote me on that number.
Well, virtually all of the 50 would probably have had a few Muay Thai fights before switching to boxing (like Sor Rungvisai did)... but i'm talking about guys who had real long term careers in Muay Thai.
Pone Kingpetch became the first Thai World Champ in 1960 and since then loads of other former Muay Thai fighters have followed. And some of them pretty special.

When Lomachenko won his first World Title in only 3 fights he equaled Saensak Muangsurin's record of least amounts of pro fights that a fighter had to win his first World Title. Only Muangsurin did in a slightly shorter amount of time (just under 8 months after his debut).

Samart Payakaroon is another. While his accomplishments in boxing are completely overshadowed by his accomplishments in Muay Thai, (He is generally considered as the Muay Thai GOAT and just a straight up fight genius), he was still a damn good pure boxer. He won a World Title in just 12 fights.
He had wins over Lupe Pintor and Juan Meza, before having his boxing career completely derailed by Jeff Fenech. His KO of Meza was pretty brilliant.

I've considered making a Muay Thai thread here in the lounge as there are so many brilliant fighters, stories and achievements from the Muay Thai world, but have always decided against it as my knowledge is fairly limited as i'm a relatively new fan of the sport, (Someone like Flea would absolutely school me on Muay Thai) and there would probably be very limited interest... but fuck it i might get on it at some point in the near future :conf
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