Extend your life to 500 years

Apr 7, 2014
Everyone wants to live a little longer, and if there is something like this available, even at astronomical prices of $15million for the treatment, you would still do it.
I've heard numbers like 500k to 1 million thrown around. There will be companies behind this stuff that need to profit and make it doable for the upper middle class.


Prove It.
May 16, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Because that was before the flood...man was numbered to 120 afterwards

thst was before the flood.. but the Bible is still correct. The Bible said “man” shall not live more than 120 years...

the longest living female was 122..and even Sarah lived that long..

so us guys are fucked and yes, the Bible is truth. You guys should stop fighting it and accept Jesus as your lord and savior..
Sorry Doby but I'll never believe in any gods. I view the Bible as badly written fiction. I try to respect people's beliefs, and I would never say this to you if you didn't tell me I need Jesus.
Jun 17, 2013
Overpopulation would be a huge fucking problem...plus, who the fuck wants to live to 500 years old unless they are rich? Fuck working for that long


"Messkin" Deebo
Jun 5, 2013
Show dem balls bro
I just saw that video of the frog embryos and the AI sequencing. We're actually paying people to play with actual yet virtual frog balls.