RBR!!! FANTASY MATCH: Roy Jones Jr (WBA) vs. Mike Tyson - November 8th 2003

Jones vs. Tyson Winner and How?

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May 26, 2018
Roy Jones Jr, 34 and 5ft11inch. (48-1)
Mike Tyson, 37 and 5ft10inch. (50-4)

Jones is coming off a UD win over John Ruiz to win the WBA HW Title on March 1st 2003.
Tyson is coming off a 1st Round KO of Clifford Etienne on February 22nd 2003.

Jones apparently rejected a $30m plus offer to face Tyson next.

If the fight got made, who wins?
Nov 10, 2014
East London
Hard one.... We don't know how good Roy really was at heavy. One shot could have finished Jones but if he took his cat like reflexes and speed with him I think he could have cruised to a ud
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Going the full Gonzo
Sep 16, 2013
Would have pitted a top of his game 48-1 Roy with the fast fading 37 year old Tyson.

A good version of Tyson knocks Roy out but this was an anything but good version of Tyson. In fact close enough to the worst version.

Could have been such an interesting match up.
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Jun 6, 2012
Despite the size difference, if Danny Williams had too much for Tyson at this point, I'm sure Roy could have stayed away for a couple of rounds. That's all Tyson was dangerous for by then.
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Aug 2, 2013
Tyson was shot then but I would have bet money on Tyson that year. Keep in mind that Roy did not have much of a chin even for a light heavyweight. If Tarver layed him out with one shot just a year later, just imagine what Tyson would have done with him.
Aug 2, 2013
Roy is the type of blown up heavyweight that would have done well against non-punchers. He would have basically been like another Michael Moorer if he kept fighting at heavyweight.
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Jun 6, 2014
Jones would have danced circles around him at that time. My money would have been on him. Of course one good shot from Tyson and it's over but Tyson was finished by then.

One Man

A champion gets up when he cant
Jul 13, 2018
Jones would have danced circles around him at that time. My money would have been on him. Of course one good shot from Tyson and it's over but Tyson was finished by then.
Did Roy still have the lega to dance circles around him?
Jun 6, 2014
Depends on what you think were the reasons for his performances against Tarver. Remaining at HW for another fight means we get to see a probably even more roided Jones than in the Ruiz fight. Speed and explosiveness would remain is my guess. Also, even if Tyson was somewhat still intimidating by that time, he wasn't in the head of RJJ like Tarver was and the orhodox stance suits RJJ.
Jun 6, 2013
I think RJJ (even at 34 y-o) would have so frustrated the iron one, with his movement & slipperiness, that Mike would probably have bitten his own ear off. Jones doesn't land a single meaningful punch, yet wins by DQ !
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Jun 4, 2013
I’m unfamiliar with boxing exhibitions, do they usually end in a brutal KO?
No, they're usually really fucking stupid. Just a bunch of posing and not real hitting. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a round-robin of Shannon Briggs, Tyson, and Jones Jr., if they're all so determined to make a comeback.

Here I was thinking this would've been a real fight when I saw it on Google. If they actually went at it, I think Jones Jr. would get KTFO, so it'd be worth a watch. Make it 5/6 rounds.