Farting.. Bother you?

Would it bother you?

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May 31, 2012
Debate at work..

Would you be arsed if someone you're dating farts infront of you, within the first 2-3 months?
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Toxic White Male
May 8, 2013
In a deplorable basket
Yeah.....can't help it,it's just not what I want to hear from my bird.

Of course it's fine for me though.
Yes, it's fine if I do it. It's a manly thing to do, as are the similarly permissible loud belching and balls scratching.

She, however, needs to hold it in, call it Kegel exercises. And when unable to hold any longer, she can politely excuse her foul woman ass to the bathroom or yard to expel the gas. :yep


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Jun 1, 2012
Off the Hook
I hate it. That and belching are things I'll never understand why people seem proud of. Sure do it if you need to or whatever but to make a big thing of it? Nah. Fuck off mate.


'G' nius
May 12, 2013
at Greb vs Walker
My girl was farting like mad in bed the other night while she was sound asleep. I did what any reasonable man would do. Drive her with all my might square in the face. Then go back and pretend I'm asleep.
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