Fights where it all went wrong for a fighter.

One to watch

Jun 5, 2013
Ok I saw this as being the beginning of the end of the road kind of thread.

Like when a prospect on the cusp of a wave or a young touted champion suddenly hit deep water and nearly drown.They return but never the same again.

Hence my suggestions of Dallas and Olumbamiwo,2 hyped (rightly or wrongly,they were) heavyweights with major promotional backing and spotless records.
In their first legit tests they were destroyed swiftly and never were the same ever again,these defeats started a decline that got more dramatic with time until they were quite possibly the worst active heavyweights on the British scene,unable to survive the distance v anyone let alone win anything.

Their contrast in fortunes,2 careers in 1 is not unique but I'm always intrigued to watch it unfold.The mentality of winning and losing and being the home or away fighter laid bare.
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Oct 24, 2014
North of the world
Jezreel Corrales v Takashi Uchiyama

Uchiyama was champion for 6 years,11 defences of the title and with no real recognisable lineal champion was considered the man at super featherweight.Along comes Corrales in what everybody thought would be another routine defence and ices Uchiyama in his hometown.

He then follows it up with another SD win in the rematch and retires Uchiyama for good.

Sep 8, 2015
Barry McGuigan - Stevie Cruz. That was heartbreaking.
That's the one I thought of immediately. Thought the thread meant more fights with a series of unfortunate events, external factors/things that usually wouldn't matter but did in the end as part of a combination of things.

Tyson v Douglas (lack of an end swell, fight happening in the morning, long count, Douglas having the fight of his life after his mother died) also a very good example.