Dec 13, 2013
Raised their profile, worldwide publicity, publicity for one of their fighters, a dramatic event for the Japanese public (they love this stuff) and making a shitload of money. But no, how could Rizn deal with the shame of the highest profile combat sports athlete in the world ‘beating’ their little guy in an exhibition bout with no weigh ins, winners or losers? That’s catastrophic for Rizn, definitely not fixed.
Do we really think a shrewd businessman is going to risk humiliation over a $9 million pay check, a guy who has carefully picked and chosen his opponents throughout his whole career?
Do we really think that guy retired at 41, is going to enter that situation without any training, dance and smile for the crowd without knowing that it’s a scripted show? Was the fact that it wasn’t a fight give anybody a clue? That Floyd talked about the exhibition as entertainment throughout the promotion?
But no, why would Floyd need to fake it? He’s an unbeatable fighter, he could’ve done that in a real fight. Why did the kid cry? Obviously not fake then. Never mind that it was poor acting with no actual tears, and it makes no sense to cry in an exhibition bout that isn’t your official sport, and it makes no sense to cry when you’re making a ton of money to be the chosen one to ‘fight’ against Floyd. But the kid really wanted to win the exhibition, shame to Japanese family.
Seriously if people can’t think through this and see what is blatantly obvious with their own eyes.. fuck this pathetic forum. You people are too fucking stupid.
Why do you think this kid could beat floyd if this wasnt staged? How many boxing matches does he even have?
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Jun 10, 2014
It looks off and unnatural to me. Contrary to Zab Judah's chicken dance for example - which was very clumsy, yet natural.
I only watched the fight once on fight day and my exact thoughts were the same.Queer St can make you makes some slinky moves but this just seems so over exaggerated and taking a dive.
Think 2 other KDs were ok but on the whole a total farce of a script imo.Dont blame Floyd for taking the cash though,easy money.


Apr 13, 2014
What’s the average IQ of people here? Can you seriously not understand why it would be faked, what the motivations would be for everybody involved? People saying “It makes no sense for Floyd to fake it, therefore that wasn’t a shitty acting job that it appears to be, it’s all an illusion”. How can someone be that dumb?
I mean first of all everyone was saying originally that it was dangerous for Floyd, a weird fight to take without any real reward. So now it’s an exhibition that was called off then scheduled again and we’re doubting that it could be scripted?
I get that Pedders is an inbred runt with an extremely low iq but what’s wrong with everybody else who can’t see it for what it obviously is? Shame on this place.
I don't recall anybody saying it was a dangerous fight for Floyd, maybe if it was under kickboxing rules or MMA, but certainly not boxing.


Jun 7, 2012
If we think about it, it´s really ridiculous that it was, after all, a simple boxing rules match against a kickboxer undersized prospect. Hilarious.
Jun 7, 2013

Guy is a dribbling spastic to be fair. I'd be embarrassed to pull his video up to reinforce my own position.
MMA fans don't seem to know anything about "striking" to be fair. I typically disregard anything they have a statement about outside of grappling