Frank Wazza - Beginning of the end?

Apr 27, 2019
It's disappointing for UK boxing. This time last year, Frank arguably had the best domestic stable. Now all he has left is Dubois, Joyce, Williams and his young talents. Obviously he's been knocked down many times and come back, but it doesn't look good.
Jun 6, 2012
Warren delivered big time for Warrington.

These fighters must get some major signing on bonuses with Matchroom.... It’s not as if Hearn has done anything with BJS & Liam Smith since jumping ship.

Warrington vs Quigg incoming.
Log it
Dec 6, 2019
The difference is, Earn Hearn pays his fighters.

That's quite important to some of them

Frank should bend the knee, I'm sure Earn Hearn can find him a job running matchroom Spain, he can see out his days in the sun.
Jul 14, 2015
Has Tyson Fury, Carl Frampton and Anthony Yarde also.
Sunny Edwards, Brad Foster, Archie Sharp, Jack Catterall, JJ Metcalf, Lerrone Richards etc. all bubbling under...
Fury + Frampton are Top Rank , what Bob says goes.

Yarde is the only entertaining fighter out of the rest listed, Sunny Edwards & Catterall are aids tv.

Zelfa could be great, but he seems to be safety first since the Shark humbled him.

Theres only one man who can save Franks stable, a cracking international signing......

Oct 21, 2016
won a World Title.
headlined at Elland Road.
fought Selby, Frampton and Galahad.
All in 2 years with Warren...

Wazza did well by Warrington in my opinion...
I really don't understand what he can get from Matchroom that Frank can't give him?

He ain't headlining Vegas against Can Xu.

Russell Jr will school him, if Eddie can somehow get him a fight with Snata Cruz then fair play but I highly doubt he's going to pick Josh over the Gervonta Davis fight.

He will regret not taking franks advice when he loses to Barry and then ends up boxing Leigh Wood at the First direct Arena.
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