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Jun 4, 2013
Good luck mate. Think of me when you hit the big time.
We'll see if I end up in his lab, though. I can declare, but he also has to wait until younger labs take their picks. As I've heard, younger labs get first round picks, like the NFL :lol:. After, the older labs get the leftovers. On top of that, he also ranks the students he's interested in taking.

---------------------------------------------------This is a rant if you don't want to read me just talk shit.

Luckily, holy shit, I dodged a motherfucking bullet not rotating through this one lady's lab. She was dying to have me rotate through "just to get a feel what it's like to have such an accomplished student" she said. It was totally ulterior as she was the youngest lab, and I would've been stuck with her if I did. I'm definitely the number 1 pick as I'm the only one entering with a significant fellowship, meaning I get paid a premium.

I rotated through 1 lab that is in another department, so I don't think they'll have much say. They're not all that new, though, either. It only has one student, though, and if balding guy or Asian girl doesn't declare it, they'll only have one student. It's the cancer lab I talked about, btw. They do good work, but the PI is a bit too strict and talks to you like you're an idiot.

I rotated through that disease vectors lab, which he's pretty new. He's only taking 1-2 students (only 2 students rotated through too :lol:), though, and I don't think he'll force it if I don't choose him. He told me as much, but he really enjoyed having me in his lab. I don't like studying his model, though. He has a good research area that is wide open for someone interested in computation, though. He's wanting to use machine learning to predict things that these disease vectors use to spread disease.

I'm going to go ahead and rant a little, but from what I've seen of the entering students that rotated through the lab I'm at:

  1. Me (going to declare that lab I'm at)
  2. Burnett kid (will declare the same lab from what he's telling me, but he also rotated through 2 new labs--I think he might be screwed)
  3. Tall balding kid (will declare a different lab for sure--told me either cancer lab or a medical surgery/isolation lab)
  4. Burnett girl (will likely declare the disease vectors lab from what she tells me)
  5. Glasses girl (will declare a medical toxicology lab--had no interest in the lab I'm at from what his students told me)
  6. Asian girl (no idea, not spoken to her since she's doing the cancer lab which is very far away)
  7. Jew-fro guy (no idea, but I feel like he won't join the lab I'm at since he wants to research something different from what they're doing atm)
He has about 7 students that rotated through, but 3 of them are interested in other labs. Leaves about 5, and I think he's only taking 2 or 3. The thing is that Asian girl, Burnett girl, and Burnette kid all rotated through new labs...

Anyways, I found out that just declaring doesn't mean shit. I just hope the disease vectors or the cancer lab doesn't play their youth card. So far, I'm the only student that is interested in computational work, and he's driving his lab forward with it and has a huge need for a student for this.
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Jun 5, 2013
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