Frequency of training etc for beginner

Mar 12, 2020
I am new to the forum so please go easy on me!

I started going to the local boxing club at the end of Jan and it is doing wonders for my fitness.
I have been and would like to continue doing bodyweight / weight training in between and also running as much as I can fit in with work, family and life.
The route I jog / run is through a wooded hill area which incorporates very steep sections with steps, total route is 2.3 miles but can be extended a lot further.
Bodyweight exercises I usually do a total of 120 push ups, 100 leg raises and 100 crunches over the course of a day and then try to have a day of rest before boxing training, which I usually try to go out and do the run on these days.
Current week would be something like:
Monday - run
Tuesday - boxing
Wednesday - bodyweight exercises
Thursday - run
Friday - boxing training
Saturday - day off
Sunday - bodyweight exercises

My body fat percentage has dropped as there is a lot more definition in my chest and stomach area but my bodyweight has not decreased, which I am fine with.
I am 6'5", 103kg and 38 years old.
Any advice on the above schedule is appreciated (bodyweight exercise frequency increased? Less, more rest etc)
I am taking this really seriously as I aim to be a fit and competent boxer when the time comes to fight for the club.
Thanks for any feedback.
Mar 17, 2020
It sounds like you're into cross training.
I'm thinking something like a CrossFit Gym.
An organized routine is the key, an instructor.

As for example. Let me help you and I untied
your gloves. You said thank you or did you
give me money for that? :think1
Jan 7, 2020
I'm looking for a rest day in your whole plan, as you cannot heal your muscles without giving them enough rest.
I'm looking for a rest day in your whole plan, as you cannot heal your muscles without giving them enough rest.
Never underestimate the power of sleep in working out. When I started off working out routine. I went so hard on myself that it backfired. I regret not taking time to rest and naming space for the right process. Working out is a combination of diet, technique, stamina, and taking rest. I wish someone was there to guide me. my thighs used to tear the fabric in between the legs of the shorts that I used to wear.
The main point is to prioritize what's important for you.