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Sittin Sonny

The Antifa Shuffle
Jun 10, 2013
This girl released one of the most stunning debut albums ever IMO, and then seemed to just fall off the face of the Earth (I remember reading she had some kind of dispute with her record label that prevented her from releasing a follow-up). Such a shame.

Great song from one half of Veruca Salt that should've been a much bigger hit IMO.


Bob Weaver

The original and best
Jul 6, 2019
Some great acts there. Cocteau Twins are amazing and I could listen to Fowlis all day every day.
Cocteau twins have always been a favourite of mine. I was late to the Annie lennox party, but I really appreciate her now.

Fowlis has a great voice. Seen her live a few times. I don't speak gaelic, but it doesn't really make a difference I find.