Guys, I've got a friend who is 5'7, says he stood next to Lomachenko

Jun 4, 2013
He did look a lot smaller than Mikey from the picture someone posted, but I don't think there was much of a height difference. Boxing heights are all over the place, though. They've had Canelo ranging from 5' 7" all the way to 5' 10". Mikey from 5' 7" down to 5' 6". Pacquiao and Marquez from 5' 7" to 5' 5". I remember they used to put Keith Thurman at 5' 9" until Showtime started listing him at 5' 7", and I think 5' 6" at one point.

Thurman does look tall, but for some reason, he's not much taller than Porter and Pacquiao who are pretty short. Same with Canelo who seems to wear platforms because he goes from being an inch shorter than Golovkin to being the same height as the short Cotto :lol:. Anyways, heights are crazy in boxing.

On ESB, someone did swear they were 5' 7" and were the same height as Pacquiao. Someone corrected him and said they also met Pacquiao and easily towered him. Said the guy has to be 5' 5". Who the hell knows :conf.
Jul 6, 2019
Campbell is listed as 5'9. Two inches taller, but in the face off he looked about 4 inches bigger.

We all shrink throughout the day, and over time as we age. Plus shoes can make a difference, and fighters often try to gain an edge by appearing bigger or smaller.
Jun 4, 2013
Canelo is definitely around 5'7. Alex Arthur did an interview a few months ago and said he was taller than Canelo when he met him.
Canelo is a fucking chameleon when it comes to heights, I swear. As I said, looked about the same height as the legit 5' 9" Lopez. Then when he fights Cotto he looks the same height during the face offs. Somehow, he looks only 2 inches shorter than ~6' Jacobs then ends up looking laughably shorter than the 6' 1" Fielding.

By the way, Mayweather's height is also crazy. He's listed at 5' 8", but he was the same height as Cotto and Maidana who look closer to a legit 5' 7". Maidana was only roughly an inch taller than 5' 6" Broner.

Best guess for me is that Canelo and Cotto are 5' 7", even, Mayweather is 5' 7 1/2", and Mikey is 5' 6". Lomachenko and Pacquiao are probably 5' 5 1/2". Crolla looked so much taller than Lomachenko, and he's only 5' 8". I have a friend that is 5' 10" and he doesn't tower over me like the 5' 9" Campbell does Lomachenko.