Hand Wraps or Gloves?

Jun 8, 2012
I've been using some wraps for the past few months and the last few times I've been punching, my knuckle hurts a little. Its not in real pain, but when I'm a few rounds into hitting the bag, it does tend to redden up and stings a little when I punch. I've tried a bunch of different gloves but its either my knuckles which I'm really hoping its not (lack of calcium, perhaps?) or the way I'm wrapping it. I usually wrap 3 times around the wrist, then two times on the thumb, 6/7 times around the knuckles, back over the thumb twice and then once more around the wrist. I'm left handed but box orthodox and I wrap my right hand exactly the same but it doesn't hurt at all, but maybe that's because I'm not punching as often with a jab compared to a straight.

So my question is, should I keep using wraps or switch to gloves? I've heard good things about them and that it offers your knuckles more protection but sacrifices comfortability and wrist protection. Can anyone vouch for using gloves or should I stick to the wraps and look to wrap them a better way?
Jul 13, 2012
I haven't been boxing for long (only started about Feb) but I use a hand wrap method from http://www.boxinggyms.com/tips/handwraps.htm
I use the second method and haven't suffered any hand pain. I was a little concerned about my wrist as I know it's a bit of a weak point, but it's been fine.

To be honest it doesn't sound like much of a difference to the way you do it, but method 4 on that site says it gives a little more knuckle protection.

I've never used the gloves so I can't comment on them. Good luck!:good
Jun 7, 2012
i only recommend using everlast wraps, they are elasticated and stretchy, all other wraps have been shit for me and hurt my wrist... i use wraps and good quality everlast gloves... cheap wraps and gloves cause more hassle then they are worth... hope your knucks bare up mate...