Have you ever witnessed a bizarre ending to a fight on live television?

Aug 24, 2020
Have you ever seen a bizarre finish to a boxing match? One of my favorites has to be when Tony Wilson's mother jumped in the ring to hit McCarthy with her shoe lol.

What is your favorite moment?

I also made a video about this, where I discuss 10 of these instances:
Check it out if you want to. Also, I would love to have some feedback on this!
May 17, 2013
Diego Corrales vs. Jose' Luis Castillo where Corrales was down a couple times in the 10th and had spit out his mouthpiece to get more time to recover after taking a hell of a beating from Castillo, only to come back and stop Castillo late in the round to win by TKO.

Mike Weaver vs. Big John Tate. Weaver behind on all cards, late in the 15th round and Weaver unleashes a vicious left hook to KO Tate who face plants in the ring.

Julio Caesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor with Chavez losing on all cards when very late in round 12 Chavez floors Taylor, who gets up to beat the count only to be thought unable to continue by Richard Steele and the fight is waved off with less than 5 seconds to go in the final round. Lou Duva almost lost him mind in that one.