Have you had the vaccine yet?

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Jun 4, 2013
Moderna. First shot had a slightly sore arm at injection site and a bit overall arm fatigue the first day (injection site felt like a smaller kid had punched me there).

The next day all the overall arm fatigue was gone but the injection site itself now felt like a grown man had hit me there. 2 days after no symptoms at all.

For the second injection I actually had less overall arm pain and just a little injection site pain but that night I had a really hard time sleeping. The next day I had a mild headache and felt fatigued. Two days after I had a very very mild headache where things just felt a little bit off. By the third day I didn't have any symptoms at all and was back to 100% of whatever my regular baseline is.

That was about 40 days ago.

Been fine since.
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May 17, 2013
All three of us, myself, wife and step-daughter have had the 2 shot Pfizer vaccine. I had just a bit of soreness in the arm, but no ill effects from both shots.

My wife did OK with the first shot but did have some overall achy feeling after the second shot, as did her daughter. All negative symptoms were gone the following day.

The shot itself was a piece of cake and didn't really hurt at all being stuck.
Dec 25, 2019
Had the first and maybe a few weeks until i'm due the second.

Missus was bad for near a week,flu like and very sore.

I had achy joints for a few days,pretty tired and the arm that got it was very stiff around the shoulder but i was relatively fine compared to many.

The old fella had a pretty bad night,same as the missus but just over night and was good to go by the morning.
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Jun 14, 2012
I got my second Moderna shot about a few hours ago and feel fine, much as I did after my first shot back on April 27th. I then drove to my local Staples to make backup copies of both sides of my "passport" vaccination card, enlarging them to full size for adding to my medical records (where my medical records number will be entered on the blank line provided for it) before an appointment I have scheduled for tomorrow morning, and reducing then laminating them to the size of my Driver/Motorcycle license for carrying in my wallet. (The folks who were running my inoculation staging site liked this idea so much that they told me they would be driving to Staples after work themselves to get reduced sized copies of their own vaccination cards laminated for carrying in their wallets. NEVER laminate your original card! Protect it instead with a plastic sleeve or small zip locked freezer bag.)

To me, this is a dress rehearsal for a far more lethal pathogen and deadlier pandemic along the lines of 1918 (especially via rapid transmission through modern air transport).


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May 8, 2013
In a deplorable basket
Ran Paul was the first politician to get covid in March 2020.

He said he is not getting the vaccine.

And neither should anyone who already has gotten sick.
"Get the call, get the jab"

"So, you are going to inject me with Covid virus and make me sick so I produce antibodies to fight off Covid?"

"No, of course not. That would be stupid, unscientific and immoral. We are going to inject you with ersatz pathogens that will get your body ready for the real deal by producing antibodies against the real pathogens"

"But I've already had the real deal and my body has fought off the real pathogens with its antibodies. So you want to inject me with something to teach my body what it already knows and to develop what it has already developed? Don't think I'll have that, thanks."

"Anti-vaxxer Covidiot who wants to kill granny."

"Oh. But granny has had your miraculous vaccine, as have all the other clinically vulnerable people, so they are safe."

"Yes but variants..."
Jun 6, 2013
All these people have had the jabs now so why are the cases still increasing ? I think you've been sold down the river the vaccine doesn’t work.
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