Hearn says brilliant chance John Skipper can do what I can't do and make AJ-Wilder


Prize prick!!
Jun 4, 2012
Let’s see. Haymon might have to let him go, he let Jacobs go so maybe...

DB Cooper

peel me a grape
May 17, 2013
Eddie Hearn could learn a bit from this John Skipper character :

“I will not characterize them at all, or even confirm them. We have discussions with people and until we announce I rarely comment on them until we announce, so I don’t have anything to announce so no comment. Other than we’re interested in having the best fights on DAZN and we will put the fights on that people want to see. It’s pretty clear that one fight people want to see is Joshua and Wilder," Skipper said.

...and Hearn already casting doubt on what he claims is the 'brilliant chance of the fight being made' :

"Clearly, the relationship between Team Wilder and Team Joshua is not the best. I think this is a route that is going to be very beneficial to the making of that undisputed fight. It's not just about doing a deal with Wilder, it's about doing a deal with Joshua".
Oct 29, 2018
In an article on-line earlier Eddie Hearn praised Skipper's handling of negotiations but referred to the 'split' as the stumbling block. When I went back to the same article later on mention of the 'split' had been removed.