Honest question..what’s your dream job

Dec 25, 2019
A dream job stops being a dream job as soon as it becomes your actual job. IMO.
Pretty much this i think.

Always thought forces and gamekeeping would be my ideals but looking back the gamekeeping no chance.

Forces was great,and do regret leaving to a degree but then so much good stuff has happened in the years since that i should have none.
Gamekeeping is shit paid,shit hours and pretty volatile,but because it involves my hobbies i always thought that would be great but it so would not when you are doing it for someone else.

Brickie/Mason would be hard to beat imo now.Money is very good and can make enough in not far off a half year to be able to hobby the rest,but the winter months are a bit of a killer now.All the aches and pains are magnified and if on a schedule it can be pretty difficult to get it through to some clients the job will just have to wait if conditions are wrong.

All in though,hard to think of something else i would consider.
May 21, 2013
former pro surfers who had a bit of a profile often fall back into the role of freesurfer. basically every few months brands and the like will offer them hundreds of thousands of dollars to go surfing in pumping exotic waves and take some photos. i reckon i could handle that
Jul 6, 2019
When I was a kid I probably would have said a boxer.

When I was a teenager it would have been rock star, or something that gave me access to lots of attractive ladies.

In my twenties I might have said sports reporter.

Now, I honestly don't know. I am happy in my life now and wouldn't want it to change too much.

My job is a bit dull, and I wish I was doing something more worthwhile, but it pays well and I have a good work/life balance. It's certainly not a dream job though.

Maybe be a successful writer? Can work from home, choose your own schedule, travel when you want.

Hopefully leave enough time and money to also run an animal charity. Not the day to day, just the financial backing and big decisions, help out with the animals every now and then.

Tbh, nothing is really stopping me trying either other than my own laziness, and a bit of time pressure.
Sep 6, 2018
Having my own shop restoring classic American muscle cars. Kind of like Gas Monkey Garage minus the douche factor.
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Ripley, strong independent woman who don't no man
May 16, 2013
A job where I get paid really well for doing something I enjoy. Like playing football, travelling or reading wikipedia articles.
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Ripley, strong independent woman who don't no man
May 16, 2013
I reckon being an author like Stephen King etc would be pretty awesome as well.


Scaredy Bat
Nov 16, 2012
Not sure really, not arsed about earning loads of money, just something easy that I can do on autopilot and don't have to interact with people.