Horse racing / the racing blogger

Sep 28, 2017
Not sure if racing and boxing are a common mix but they are my 2 sports. Out of interest anyone else in to racing and also has anyone come across the racing blogger on twitter. He's an idiot of doyen level thread worthiness.


Jul 17, 2012
South London
there is something special about 'experts' who are consistently wrong.

the first major long term profit i made from sports was just betting the opposite of a guys picks for 3 months.


CHB World Championship People's Champion
May 16, 2013
I worked selling betting tickets at race meets for years. Good casual job.

I learned a bunch of stuff. Like, don't bet on horses. Big meets, we'd generally take in $8-9 for every $1 we paid out.

Boxed trifecta with 4 horses seemed to be the best price/return/likelihood ratio.

Win bets IMO were generally for suckers. A lot of things can go wrong for a horse to miss out on a win. If it's a dominant enough favourite that you're confident, then you're earning 20 cents on the dollar and you have to load up too much risk to have the chance to make money.

Having said that, I used to work either the general public on big meets, or corporates/members stand for a regular meet. So maybe my perspective was skewed by drunk businessmen playing big shot and not knowing what the fuck they were doing.

Oh yeah. Last thing. If you're looking to rob a place, rob a rural racetrack. Cash business, they'll have thousands in used, non-sequential bills of all denominations. If they're anything like they are in New Zealand, there won't be a firearm anywhere on the course, and the security system protecting the main cash bank will be one thin wooden door with a flimsy lock, behind which is an elderly unarmed "security guard" and anywhere between $50-$200k in cash. Always wondered why nobody ever robbed it. :lol: