How do you fight?

Jun 7, 2013
I changed a lot, my first coach kinda fucked me over by letting me stand as a southpaw even though I'm right handed. Anyways, I was strictly a boxer puncher had a mean left straight.

My current trainer made me more defensive, he convinced me to go right handed, i haven't had proper sparring right handed yet so no clue on what style I'll favor


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Jun 5, 2013
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I did far more Kenpo than boxing, but my styles are similar. I think we all base our styles on a mix of our physical attributes and mental make up.

I'm a natural orthodox fighter. In Kenpo I would switch a lot, but not in boxing. I'm pretty tall (about 6'4") and was very thin while training (175-180 pounds). The jab is my friend due to having long arms.

Power is not my game, so I have to think my way through, try to catch a guy coming in. Fortunately, guys would always rush me figuring I had no power, thereby providing me some if I timed the shot correctly. Spinning out before his shot hit is crucial.

I hated sparring shorter, stocky guys who could come underneath my jab and crack my ribs and/or simply slip my jab and walk right into the pocket. In Kenpo I could at least kick to keep them upright, but in boxing a solid crouch and high guard would do me in.

I loved fighting guys who were cerebral like myself. When adjustments would be made round after round.


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Jun 4, 2013
I'm a shitty mix of Miguel Cotto, Jimmy Young, Ken Buchanan and Joe Frazier.
I have now turned into a Gennady Golovkin type.. with maybe more dimensions because I like to occasionally dance around the ring with my left jab.

The straight right hand is hazardous. All that shit about not having a good straight right is out the window. I've developed a Monster Sonny Liston-esque left jab, a big right hook/overhand right. I rip the body HARD with either hand.

My left hook (particularly the left hook to the ribs) has always been my money shot but now it's become much more compact.

I'm kind of always switching styles and experimenting but I've now morphed into a stalker.


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May 13, 2013
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Im left handed, but fought conventional
As such, my best punch was my jab
Pure boxer, w emphasis on setting up the left hook. My 2nd best punch
I was trained by an old pro, Cherokee Parker
We were drilled to never slug it out, it was all about boxing clean, sharp, and avoiding getti hit.
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Jun 4, 2013
When I first started boxing I tried to fight like Tyson.

Later realized my power wasnt that great and started watching old Patterson videos.

Later learned to shoulder roll a bit and when sparring harmless people would try to do a Ali impression.

Now I'm like a shitty mix of Jack Dempsey, Floyd Patterson, Joe Calzaghe, Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

But really really bad....
Jul 14, 2020
My fighting style depends upon the condition. My coach advised me to do small changes in approach while fighting in ring. It all depends upon the opponent and your fitness level.
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