How Does Boxrec Have Patterson Ranked 4th All Time At Heavyweight?

Jun 4, 2012
I was talking about holyfield's p4p greatness by the way not necessarily his ranking as a heavyweight.
Ah okay. In fairness, he stacks up well just for his heavyweight career, when you add in the rest I think you'll see him more highly in the future. He had a fantastic career.
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Jul 6, 2019
The current current pound for pound list is hilarious. Chris Eubank Jnr is the 21st best fighter in the world!

That not only means he is better than the likes of Estrada, Mickey Garcia, and Inoue, but better than BJS who is in at 85.

How can Eubank be that much higher than a fighter from the same weight class(es), who is a proper world champ, has a better record, and has actually beaten him? Activity is the only thing I can think of.

(Ps not picking on Jnr, he is just an obvious example of crazy rankings).
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