How Far Can Jordan Gill Go?

Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
I was impressed with his performance last night. He also grabbed the attention of journalists across the pond.

Still only 24. 23-0 with over 100 rounds in the bank. And despite his record on paper suggesting he's not a puncher, he has stopped his last three opponents.

Will he get to world level? How would he fare against the likes of Warrington, Valdez, Russell Jr, Santa Cruz?
Oct 21, 2016
Think it's a bit early to be talking about World titles, let's see him in with a Martinez or a Walsh before we get too excited.
Jun 4, 2012
My inkling was right
This is the thing...

I don't follow the domestic scene closely, and the first time I saw Gill was the fight before last. On the eye test...I thought fucking hell...he looks way better than I expected, but it was tempered by the opponent. However, skill is skill to some extent and then the other questions need the skill cannot be judged off a handful of rounds.

Last night, I was VERY impressed by Wood...again...I'd not seen him fight before, but technically he looked great. But levels matter and getting too carried away based on a one sided bout against nobody is silly...your reaction to the Gill fight before this loss sums that up well.